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October 9, 2015by Mikerash0

Google is amazing. There is not one thing (that I have discovered) that you cannot find in a quick Google search. I remember when I was younger if you wanted to find something out you had to look it up in a book. An actual book from the school or public library. Or if you were one of the lucky few like I was you had an Encylopedia set that your parents bought from some door to door salesman.
Today, we have all this access to technology and yet companies still struggle with finding the right way to ‘do’ business. Leaders are still trying to hit their business goals blindfolded. Business is not stagnant, it is an ever-changing environment and you need to have a growth mindset.  Do YOU have a growth mindset? If the answer is no, do not panic – that is precicely why we are here.  
So here are some quick and simple tips to start improving how you do business:
Love what you do and do what you love. One of the quickest ways to improve how you do business is to make sure you are loving what you do for business. If you can’t say you love what you do, you either need to change jobs or find out how to fall in love with what you are doing. Life is too short to spend 8+ hours a day doing something you don’t love.  As a business leader you spend more time away from home than you do at home, you should love what you are doing.  
Teach. The student is not the only recipient of being taught something valuable. Sometimes by teaching, we become the student. Have a spirit for learning to truly improve. An openness to realize you don’t know it all, you couldn’t possibly know it all. By teaching others you have the opportunity to learn yourself.  Remember continual improvement is a mindset, make it a habit.
Be thankful. Thank your employees. Thank your customers. Thank your suppliers. Having a grateful heart will never get you into trouble and only improve your life and your business.  A simple thank you makes everbody feel good.  Don’t just thank your direct reports, thank the receptionist, thank the janitor, thank somebody that may feel they are not appreciated.
Coach. It’s not just for sports anymore. Want to improve your business? Improve the personal and professional lives of those who call you boss. Spend one on one time with people. Get to know them. Help them play up their strengths and sharpen their skills.  I would encourage you to set up 121 meetings that are a firm date on the calendar.  Let employees express ideas, concerns, make it an open forum for them.  I have coached youth baseball for years now, most of what I do on a baseball field, I take to the office.  Be the leader that everybody wants to work hard for, not against.
Track. How you actually spend your time. Take a week and write down everything you do at work in 15 minute increments. Highlight the high payoff activities. Delegate the medium pay off activities. Dump the no payoff activities. Do this often and honestly so that you can have the time to do what is most important.  
Be courageous. Do you think Bill Gates was nervous when he dropped out of Harvard in 1975 to start his own computer company? Probably so, but being courageous has landed him on the list of most successful and richest people in America.  Have no fear!  Dig deep, work hard, and you will hit your goals.
Rest. As Americans we rest less than any other country as a whole. Rest is necessary. We cannot give our best unless we treat ourselves to the right amount of rest. In the words of self help author Alan Cohen, “there is virtue in work and there is virtue in rest.” Use both and overlook neither.  I know you feel the pressure to grow your business, attend your kids activities, read every email that pings you phone, but you have to put it all aside and get that rest.
Life is busy, life is messy, but that doesn’t mean you can’t improve your business. You just have to know how to improve.

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