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October 27, 2015by Mikerash0

I have 2 criteria for everything I do:

1. Does it move my life forward?
2. Does it move my business forward?
Now some of you do not have your own business, but what you can relate it to is, Does it help my career go forward?
If the answer is no, it doesn’t go on my calendar.
If the answer is maybe, IT’S STILL A NO (until it’s a yes) and it doesn’t go on my calendar.`
If the answer is yes. . . well, PERFECT!  It makes the calendar…BOOM
AND. . . I don’t have a 300 line long to-do list anymore. In fact, I don’t even have a to-do list anymore. Because this concept gives me freedom to only DO what ignites a fire within.
For the past couple of years, I have been teaching this simple system to clients and colleagues and during that time, I’ve seen them go from completely lost, floundering, not knowing where the hell to start to actually completing things, having a sense of fulfillment, thriving, and (my favorite) HAPPY.
We tend to get so caught up in doing what everyone else is doing, a lesson we learned not to do way back in 1st, 2nd grade!  We get so caught up in believing everything has to be done a certain way.  That systems have to be complicated and stressful.  That we are somehow doing it all wrong.
We get caught up in thinking we have to be perfect or right.  That we cannot make mistakes.  That we have to be the superhero in every situation.
And so we go around trying to impress the hell out of everyone…and most importantly, we go around trying to impress ourselves.
Well now is as good of a time as any to say…FUCK THAT.
What I have learned is that in order to DO what ignites me up effectively, I must be ruthless with my boundaries and what I take on.  Sometimes I still fail at doing this….Sometimes I still fail at the whole damn thing!
The key, is to have a framework in place, that solid foundation. so that when something comes along, instead of being a
complete derailment in your life, it is simply a little speed bump that you can handle with grace and ease.
If you would like help or would like to learn more about this quick and very simple system, call us today and one of our consultants would be glad to assist.  You call would definitely make their list for today, helping others is what ignites all of us at MCDA.

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