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January 26, 2016by Mikerash0

In talking with new clients their number one complaint about previous consultants is that they feel neglected.  They feel their coach is not committed to them and that they have not been able to establish that one on one trust that they seek.  Coaching is a privilege and we do not take it lightly here at MCDA.

Coaching is a focused two-way communication, a meeting of equals challenging assumptions and listening intently to each other.  Coaching happens in both formal and informal conversations, short or long, scheduled or unscheduled.

A coaching conversation is not merely a chat, a mere exchange of opinions or advice. It is not where people trade rumors, gossip, play political games, or network.  A coaching conversation is one where you intend to listen carefully, understand needs, and fully commit to help people succeed. People should come away from the conversation inspired, empowered, engaged, and equipped with the necessary mindset and tools to be better and do better.

Coaching is a special opportunity. It involves the extension of trust from one person to another at levels and in ways rarely seen in other areas of personal and organizational life.

Being someone’s coach is both an honor and a responsibility. It balances both individual advocacy and confidentiality with honest and transparent inquiry.

Coaches are not there to consult, advise, or tell others what to do, but rather to help them on a road of insight and discovery by using a series of powerful coaching questions.

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