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April 25, 2016by Mikerash0

Ok CEO’s, enough is enough.  You are not the next Google, you are not “cool” and “trendy” you are just being stupid.

The Ping-Pong and Pool Tables are insulting to the intelligence of employees.  We all want to be happy at work, us Americans spend a huge portion of our lives there, but employees aren’t dumb.  We know that the Ping-Pong and Pool tables don’t make work fun or fulfilling.  It is certainly not a replacement for a decent paycheck.

These perks are signifiers, a way for organizations to express their commitment to a laid-back corporate culture and, at some companies, a consolation price for a lower salary and boring work assignments. The trend can be traced back to Google and Zappos.  They are both huge successes and they defined their workplace cultures with beanbag chairs.  Perks have since proliferated at startups, media organizations, and tech companies hoping a more comfortable environment will motivate employees and lead to Google sized profits.  Come on people, pull your heads out of your butt.

Having a barista or beer, and my personal favorite the Ping-Pong table will not help you retain young talent, if it does, it is only temporary.  Having an engaging management team, room for growth within the organization are the two best tools to hang on to young talent.  The perks are all surface level, remember that.

The benefits that matter most aren’t foosball tables. People want health insurance, paid vacation, and sick days, the potential for performance bonuses, and a company-matched 401(k) plan.


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