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September 12, 2017by Mikerash0

No matter how experienced or seasoned a new employee is, the first day of work can be a bit daunting. The first impression a company makes on new employees can leave a lasting impression. When welcoming a new employee to your company or team, it’s important to remember that information is king and brings a sense of comfort to your new hire.

Reach out to the individual prior to the start date and give them details on the office’s employee entry point, parking, attire, hours, etc. Make sure their desk or office is clean and tidy before they arrive; no one wants to walk into a messy office or a pile of work left from the previous person. If possible, have their business cards on their desk and ready to go so they immediately feel part of the team. Also, in the week leading up to a new hire joining your team, be sure to send the hiring manager expectations for the individual and plan a schedule for the first few days. Keeping a consistent and structured plan, as well as independent work, will help the first day(s) go more smoothly for all involved.

In addition to making sure the new hire feels adequately prepared to begin their new role, give them a warm welcome to your team and company. In some cases it may be possible or appropriate to have a team gathering prior to the new employee’s start date. A coffee meetup or happy hour with everyone can help ease first day jitters and make the individual feel at home from the start. On their first day, consider a meet and greet in a common area with coffee and doughnuts to help break the ice and introduce the individual to the rest of the company.

Another creative way to let your new hire get to know the team is to write his or her name and a short bio on a dry erase board and hang it where other employees see. You can also write employee anniversaries on it so the new employee knows who has been there the longest and may be good resources to tap into.

Having a plan in place for orienting a new employee with your company, including objectives for their meetings, will not only put them at ease but will also help you navigate the onboarding process more efficiently. Providing them with an organization chart with photos is also always helpful and welcomed. You want a new hire to feel comfortable in their first day(s)s on the job because it will help them perform better, which will in turn help your team and organization succeed.


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