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October 26, 2020by Mikerash0

When speaking to CEOs they are typically unsure how to evaluate their own company. Many CEOs will just push the task to the side since they do not know the best way forward. This can become extremely frustrating especially once it feels an impossible task to complete.

In order to keep your business evolving and gaining ground, remember to take it day by day. Every small victory can lead to a major victory. You as CEO and your executive management team must ask these questions every week:

Do I have big enough goals?

Goal setting is a critical part of evolving any company. As CEO or as part of the executive management team your mind must arrive at the destination before anything else can. You will be faced with obstacles along your destination. If you are not hitting obstacles, it is likely that your goals are probably too small. GO BIG and accept and believe that you can solve your obstacles in stride.

How my team improve?

Are you and your executive management team acting with intention today to get your company to where it wants to be tomorrow? Each day is an opportunity to improve as a CEO, as an executive manager, or as a business. Be vigilant and look for ways to make things better because when you challenge yourself you improve your abilities. Remember, there are no limits.

Are we having fun?

Find appropriate humor and don’t take yourself or your team too seriously. Productivity can be diminished if your team feels exhausted and overworked. Get to know your team, learn their stressors, and know when to lighten up and show them you care. Demonstrate caring by ensuring that humor is not at another co-workers expense. Be intentional by increasing employee morale, it will help you retain your employees, after all they are your most valuable asset.

Are the right people in the right place?

As the CEO you need to constantly re-evaluate your employees, their skill sets, and their level of happiness in their current role. You can utilize the “Got, Want, Have” formula to help you determine if the right people are where they need to be within your company. Ask, What role do they GOT, what role do they WANT, and do they HAVE the capacity to handle the role and responsibility of the position they want? If you notice that one of your great employees performance is declining and they no longer seem passionate about the position, you need to immediately have the Got, Want, Have discussion with them.

Do we appropriately handle obstacles?

Build a refuse to lose mentality for when you run into obstacles. Keep in mind that when you set goals you know that you will run into obstacles. Utilize them as stepping stones towards continuous improvement. Do not allow obstacles to define you, embrace them, and conquer them. Have a reference guide to help you overcome these obstacles or connect yourself with an executive coach that has likely already faced similar obstacles. These resources will help you quickly ramp up your success and make you a better leader.

Are time and resources being wasted?

Time is a valuable commodity, as are company resources. Is there a product or project that your company has been attempting to complete, but it’s just not happening? Evaluate those projects and unnecessary expenditures that are costing the company hundreds or thousands of dollars and start eliminating them as you see fit. Do not wait, now is the time to shift into high gear and take your company to the next level. Push yourself to dig deep and push hard to get past any obstacles.

Can we give back?

As a CEO myself, I firmly believe that it is a crucial aspect of a successful company to give back. I involve my team and make them aware that they have a special opportunity to help change the lives of others. This can be done one dollar, one life, or one cause at a time. If we a business leaders can each do a little bit, we can make a large impact.

As with your business plan, continually ask yourself where you can improve and where or how you can make a bigger impact.

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