MCDA CCG Inc. Virtual Holiday Party

With so many organizations having gone remote, it’s time to start planning how your company can spread some holiday cheer in the virtual environment. It is more important than ever to celebrate the season, the rough year and the hard work your team has accomplished this year. So that means planning a virtual holiday party, and all sorts of fun holiday party activities. We have put together a quick list of fun holiday party ideas and games to make this virtual season very special for your team.

Here is a list of 6 virtual ideas to help jump start your planning:

Holiday Dress-Up Contest

A fun way to get the party started is to have your employees log into the virtual event wearing their favorite ugly sweater, holiday costume or other dress up item. You can easily roll this out as a fun contest and provide a small prize for the winner.

Secret Santa

Having a Secret Santa gift exchange is a fun way to get everybody into the gift-giving spirit. Secretly assign everyone on the team another member of the team that they will be providing a gift. I would suggest that you assign a monetary value to the gift, an acceptable price is anywhere between $15-25. Make sure that your team ships their gift by a designated date so that all recipients receive their gift on time for the event. A great way for the company to jump in and kick off the gift giving spirit is to cover the shipping costs. During the holiday party, designate time for all employees to open gifts, discover who their Secret Santa was, and they can show off their gifts to others.

Gift Packages

The holiday season is a great opportunity to remind and show your team that you appreciate the hard work and dedication. This year more than ever with the pandemic, we highly suggest gift cards to allow your employees to purchase items online. You can put together a fun package to ship to their house or you can send virtual cards as well.

Holiday Bingo

Bingo is such a classic game and can be easily adapted to be holiday-themed. Custom bingo cards are fairly easy to make, and there are free online tools that you can utilize as well. If you would like to use a free tool, click here. As another option we can fully host a customized bingo game for you. Contact us for details and pricing. We provide the prizes as well!

Gingerbread Masters

This can be a great game for your team. Send them each a gingerbread house kit and allow them 30-45 minutes to carefully construct their masterpiece. Have them present it to a judge or panel or judges. You can give prizes for the top 3 or just for the overall winner. After all, everyone gets to enjoy the sweet reward of eating their masterpiece.

Happy Hour – Holiday Version

Have some fun and make some home-made cocktails and catch up with your coworkers. Allow your team to make their favorite drink or pour a glass of wine and enjoy some great conversation. We have also partnered with a great organization and can provide you and your team with a certified mixology expert and can send the ingredients to your team. The mixologist will walk the group through making a fun holiday cocktail for all to enjoy.

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