The journey to entrepreneurship is anything but easy; with critical make or break decisions lurking behind never-ending doors, it is no wonder that-under normal circumstances- only 50% of small businesses survive within their first 5 years. Add on a worldwide pandemic, an evident lack of finances, a sudden cut-off of PPP loans, and the percentage inevitably shrinks.

 Even for the most determined entrepreneur, it is challenging to sift through an influx of factors in deciding the wisest places to spend their valued money in order to grow their  company. Here is where individual(s) decide to turn to investors, where they give up a portion of their company’s equity to guarantee funding for their business.. While this is a successful decision for those who find the right investor with a like-minded business strategy, others remain weary of the possible repercussions of an outside voice in the longer term.

 For these entrepreneurs, there is the option of  non-dilutive financing. Non dilutive financing is fundraising without giving up any stake or portion of your company (bank loans, grants, crowdfunding, etc.)  allowing  you the opportunity to grow your business at only your discretion. Not quite sure where to look?

Non-dilutive funding is an option that we provide here at MCDA, CCG, to provide the critical funding you may need, so that you can place all of your attention on growing your business. With an ongoing pandemic and indefinite shortage of SBA assistance, the time to act is now.

If you and your business did not get approved on this round of PPP, are struggling and feeling the negative effects brought on by the pandemic, contact us at MCDA CCG to learn how we can assist you in receiving the critical funding you need. Contact us today for a free no-obligation discussion.  Our finance consultants can structure a deal that is right for you and your business.

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