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May 27, 2021by Mikerash0

“To conquer fear is the beginning of wisdom” – Bertrand Russell


Unfortunately, as a CEO, you are likely living each day feeling some sort of fear. You are worried about labor costs, employees, new customers, old customers, late orders, and of course-our favorite concern, “How do I appear to everybody?”

It usually all comes down to the latter. You naturally feel inadequate if you feel you aren’t living up to the expectation set before you.

First of all, let me say that I understand, I once felt these incessant fears about my employees, clients, my clients employees, appearance, etc. We all have a lot of real problems and challenges to overcome in our businesses. Every day unveils new challenges or a continuation of an on-going challenge. So, what is the solution to combating these everyday fears?


Handle The Present

Deal and address your current problems in your existing day. Stop wasting your valued time trying to visit the future and where you want to be. The future is only an educated best guess. You hear a lot of people talking about the next day, next month, next year, but keep in mind that nobody can tell the future- and certainly not with any consistency. ‘Planning’ is great as long as you handle the RIGHT NOW because the RIGHT NOW is definitive!


What Can be Done Now and What Will Take Time

Organize the problems into two areas.

Problems that are binary – This means that they can be fixed instantly with a light switch solution.

Problems that are simply in process.


The second area is called “unresolved conflict” and is part and parcel of daily, monthly, annual business.


Business Crisis Management

Problems require a qualified professional to assist a CEO in his/her position. I could literally spend the entire day talking about or post all sorts of information about qualified professionals and the lack thereof in the workplace. Bottom line – If you are truly challenged by what is happening in your company, feeling fear, stress and anxiety, find someone who has solved that problem. You want to discuss these issues with somebody who has recently experienced the same situation. DO NOT….I repeat…DO NOT talk with people that have not weathered that particular storm. They can only provide theories and generalities, and those cannot replace in the trenches experience. Look at it this way… You wouldn’t go into war with a platoon full of untrained soldiers, right?


If you are finally ready to overcome your fears and understand that you may look bad, you need to be prepared to discuss and handle these types of situations…

Are you ready to negotiate with creditors and tell them the truth about your financial situation?

Are you willing to talk to your CPA and inform them that it is time to start negotiations with the IRS?

Are you willing to talk to your insurance broker or insurance company and tell them that you require a new solution?

Are you willing to go home and tell your husband/wife the truth?

Are you willing to complete a reorganization if needed?

Are you willing to talk to your customers and demand that they pay you on-time?

Are you willing to be honest with yourself and your abilities?


Fiduciary responsibility is inconvenient, unpopular, and absolutely brutal at times, but once you fully understand that concept can you enter the ring prepared to fight to save your business.


While the journey to conquering your business fears requires efforts of resiliency, consistency, and determination, you can guarantee that nothing will change until you take action. The moment that you decide to take back control in your life  and dismiss the excessive mental noise keeping you from reaching your full potential, a new world of opportunity opens right in front of you. Admittedly, fear has trapped us in our our own theoretic trenches before, but by taking initiative and gearing our minds to fight our way out, we found ourselves advancing further than we even thought possible. And it is through our very own experiences of overcoming obstacles where we learned how to pull others from their own ditches to ensure they never fall again. Our team at MCDA CCG, INC. have helped numerous businesses move passed horrific situations into positions they deserve to be in. Our group of experienced professionals provide personable approaches and competitive pricing models to assess your current situations and pivot you into the right direction. Stop wasting time by putting off this situation, take action now and contact us to lend you the helping hand you’ve been looking for.


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