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June 18, 2021by Mikerash0

With desired confirmation in ensuring the well being of their family, most leaders forget the importance to remain present in the moment as they chase higher positions and higher profit. Combine this with our current “plugged in” society, it becomes increasingly difficult for these leaders to plant boundaries between work, family time, and vacation. Unfortunately, the relentless obsession with prioritizing work notoriously strains relationships and causes severe consequences for the lives of many. Individuals in leadership roles prevail in missing out on priceless moments by either succumbing to mental distraction or foregoing the time altogether. Change this now!

Well, how?

I get it, you constantly have a million things fighting for space in your head; this is true from the minute your eyes open in the morning and lasts throughout the day. While you may think spending a few hours with your family with these thoughts in your head counts as “being present”, you may want to reconsider. One hour of time completely living in the moment goes further than 4 hours while you think about the endless list of tasks to complete at work. Here are my best tips to ensuring that you learn to set boundaries to reset for you, your family, and your overall job performance.

Time Boundaries:

If you must answer a phone call or respond to an email while you’re away from the workplace, that’s okay. However, the habitual behavior in picking up your phone each minute causes alarm for concern. The modern convenience for any individual to contact you with any problem or concern pushes you into an uncomfortable internal debate about what is truly important-sacrificing your personal time.  Here’s the truth-every task and request is not a priority. It’s important to set time boundaries for yourself, establishing a lifestyle where you can truly enjoy your loved ones and where they can enjoy your complete presence.

Resist Time Wasters

Just how it’s important to set time boundaries for yourself, it’s equally important to eliminate wasting your treasured time with mindless browsing on your devices. While you may think that a minute or two surfing the internet is harmless, keep in mind that these minutes add up. For one week keep a specific journal writing down each way you waste time and how much it ultimately amounts to. This allows you to create a practical strategy to kick this habit, allowing you to accomplish tasks and better enjoy living in the moment.

Find Your Pace

Those who ultimately enjoy their careers have recognized the importance of pace in life. They’ve identified their own personal solution to balancing their work, family, and vacation life while maintaining an excellent career. Self-awareness serves as the most resourceful tool in determining when your complete attention is required or if it can essentially wait. No one is an expert at this right away, but practicing regular pacing day by day will continue to develop this to ensure a thoroughly fulfilled life.

Forget Multitasking

Despite the notorious myth, most productive people don’t have less to do. They have simply learned how to make the most out of their time.  Watching your child’s school performance lacks in value when you’re texting back a co-worker, and taking an anniversary trip with your significant other only sparks irritation when combined with frequent phone calls. Allot your time and stick to it.

While you may be taking all the necessary steps to grind through your career, you may be unintentionally affecting your relationships and overall well-being. Understand that while work is vital, it will always be there; on the flip side, the moments spent away from the workplace are impossible to get back. If your attention is required for even the smallest issue in your work or business, you need to implement better processes. Our team at MCDA CCG, INC. can improve various areas in your business to smooth operations delegate work to achieve a cultural balance. Contact us today for a consultation!


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