If you have experience with the interview process, you are inevitably familiar with most standard interview questions. “What is the biggest obstacle you’ve faced?”, “What interests you about our company?” “What are some of your strengths?” While these routine questions provide interviewee specific insight surrounding capabilities and previous experience, it can lack in illustrating more creative attributes-especially if the candidate is well rehearsed in interviewing. Now take a moment and imagine that nearing the end of your routine interview, you spice it up with an odd question. A question along the lines of, “What would you do if you walked outside and won the $10 million dollars?” quickly stimulates imagination and applies critical thinking skills to invoke a personally unique response. Today, we’re going to list some fun, weird, and unique interview questions to  jolt the mind of your interviewees and encourage abnormal thought processes.

Funny Interview Questions:

“You’ve been given an elephant and you can’t sell it, what would you do with that elephant?”

Clearly, there is no “right” answer to this question, but the thought process in framing an answer demonstrates reasoning abilities while easing the candidate to reveal more authenticity. Furthermore, this question-or a question to this extent-assesses the ability of the candidate to think on his or hers feet in a logical manner. They may answer with, “I would feed the elephant and ride it to work and back” or ” I would send it on vacation.”; whatever their answer consists of, it’s important to identify their ability to think on their feet.

“How are M&M’s made?

While this question may seem like another “funny” or “quirky” one, it further indicates the candidate’s intellect. Ideally, your candidate should take a moment to thoroughly think of a response, and then present it in a systematic order. “First, they make the chocolate and allow it to cool. Once it is cooled they are separated into smaller spheres and dyed different colors. After this process, they are sent down a conveyor belt to get an “M” stamp.” This answer demonstrated the ability of your candidate to break down an elaborate painting into simple stages, and ideally apply this problem solving method to their own role.

Creative Interview Questions

“What is the color of money?”

This may present itself as a trick question, but is actually a useful measure of whether your candidate has an overall view of the world and the economy. While “green” may seem to be the correct answer, an answer such as, “It depends on the economy.” demonstrates high levels of perception and and insight. This level of awareness can provide significant benefit when evaluating markets and making global financial decisions.

“What would you do if you walked outside and won the $10 million dollars?”

To reveal your candidate’s ultimate motivation in their role, this is a fantastic question to ask. Arguably, you want an employee at your company to have a sense of fulfillment in their role with the drive to continue moving forward-not someone whose sole purpose is to collect a paycheck. Ideally, your candidate will answer somewhere along the lines of, “I would use it to travel, be generous with it, and pay off my house. However, I would still choose to work for your company as I am passionate about my career in marketing and I feel that your company places emphasis on creativity.” Basically, you want to fill your position with someone who is passionate about their work, not just their income.

Weird and Random Interview Questions

” How many pennies would fit into this room?”

This question provides opportunity for you as the interviewer to discover the logical capabilities of the interviewee to achieve even the most tedious tasks. While it’s impressive if your candidate responds with a simplified course of action, it’s equally as impressive if they return with additional questions. Questions such as “Are we keeping the furniture in the room?” illustrates out of the box thinking and confidence in asking secondary questions.

If you were shrunk to the size of a pen and put in a blender, how would you get out?

Again, there is no “right” solution to this question. Placing the candidate in an imaginary predicament forces their emotional response and ability to manage in a unpresented state of urgency. If their answers proceed in a way where their actions may actually draw further issues, this is a red flag. A candidate should be able to utilize their critical thinking skills while managing through obstacles with a calm demeanor.

Unique Interview Questions:

“What animal would you be and why?”

This question reveals the creativity and level of innovation within your individual. The interviewee should use this question to highlight their strengths and their overall character. For instance, they may answer somewhere along the lines of, “I would be a lion. Lions are strong and capable of functioning independently and part of a team. Furthermore, they are extremely intelligent.”

“What superpower would you choose; to fly or to become invisible?”

Despite what you may be thinking, this question is not intended to bring up fond childhood memories. Actually, the answer to this question can serve as a  key indicator to determine if the individual prefers remaining at the center of attention or would rather keep out of the spotlight. While the best fit depends on several factors-the specific role, company culture, etc.- you can begin to gain clarity on where this person can have the most impact on your team.

Bonus: Curveball Interview Question:

If you’re the CEO, what are the first three things you check about the business when you wake up?

By placing the candidate in your shoes-or those higher up- you can evaluate any leadership abilities while assessing whether or not they did their homework on the company.

While basic interviewing protocol exists for reasons in measuring a candidate’s skillset and assessing experience, it’s equally important to understand their authenticity and ability to solve problems! Asking fun and unique questions during an interview eliminates reliance on memorization while providing further insight into an interviewee’s character and innovative abilities. If you are currently struggling in correctly assessing the best fit for your company’s role, or are struggling finding help altogether, our team at MCDA CCG, INC. can help. With thorough experience in a vast array of industries serving even the most unique businesses, our knowledge can take your interview and hiring process to a higher level. Don’t wait, contact us today!

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