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June 25, 2021by Mikerash0

Believe it or not, the summer season is officially upon us. The rising outside temperatures, longer days, and dramatic ease of lockdown brought on by the now-controlled pandemic, employees yearn to enjoy the sunny season. While a 3-4 month holiday vacation for employees remains highly impractical, the warmer weather provides numerous opportunities to incorporate summer fun and engagement within the workplace. By implementing team building activities tailored to this season, your employees will value the company culture and further motivate them to succeed in their roles. Furthermore, it’s imperative to note that devised activities work most effectively when employees actually want to do them, so don’t waste your efforts and check out our list of tried and true methods!

Host a  BBQ

Thinking of the summer season, what are the first words to appear in your mind? If you’re like the rest of the nation, the word barbeque will rank in the top three. With a remarkable acceptance rate, you can guarantee the delight of each individual in your company as it embodies the valuable aspects of summer: food, the outdoors, socializing and unwinding. Furthermore, the ability to incorporate a wide array of cuisine satisfies those who choose to not eat meat. If you wish to take this a step further, host a cookout-divide individuals into groups and it becomes a team building exercise focused on food!

Game Time

Nothing tops the atmosphere of a baseball game during the summer months. Depending on your budget, you can take your employees to a minor or major league game. Notably less expensive, containing a calmer environment, minor leagues games provide a great opportunity to occupy a larger section, enjoy delicious food, and bond with your co-workers as you cheer on your home team.

Let’s Play Ball

For as long as the dynamic workplace has existed, softball has served as a wonderful pastime to connect those in a workplace. While a great opportunity to demonstrate athletic ability, it’s important to emphasize the “fun” aspect of this activity, not athletic power. Understand that it’s been decades since many of your employees have played a game like softball, so make an effort to include each person by letting them umper, provide refreshments, or even coaching. If-however-a majority of the players feel tense, ease them into it by prioritizing practice warm up sessions. These small group activities allow your team to further bond while loosening them mentally and physically.

Employee Ice Cream Day

Despite the year-round availability of ice cream, hot summer days produce greater demand and enjoyment of this sweet treat. Here, several options exist to choose from-incorporate one, two, or all if you wish! You can carve out an hour or so and head down to a local ice cream shop, (If you have the time and everyone agrees, walk there!), arrange for an ice cream truck to come down to your workplace, or host your own ice cream potluck where everyone can bring their favorite flavors and toppings!

Half Day Off

While not an “activity” by any means, allowing your employees to leave half day on a Friday allows them to take greater advantage of the warmer weather to enjoy with their own family and friends. To avoid any potential headache or burden, try to schedule these half days in advance to ensure that your employees complete any mandatory tasks.

Let your employees choose an activity!

Generate even more engagement from your employees by letting them decide the activity they want to do! Organize a list of activities in advance , present them to your employees, and let them decide what they prefer to do!

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