Staring at the long weekend set out in front of us, a majority of your workforce eagerly anticipate their extended ability to unwind and relax. However, as a business owner/leader/executive/etc., common concerns theorizing a long-weekend-induced-delay may leave you with feelings of anxiety. Stop allowing this! While situations pertaining to the shortened work-week and post holiday state of your employees do serve as valid concerns, understand that any forecasted situations only magnify underneath your personal microscope. You can take measures to ensure an enjoyable weekend while certifying efficiency in this upcoming week. Here are our 10 ways to get the most out of the long weekend:
Before the Long Weekend:
Plan in Advance: The benefit to anticipating a long weekend allows you the advantage to schedule your time around a short workweek. If you know you’re losing a day in the coming days, plan accordingly and -if possible-avoid scheduling meetings for the day you return. By using your first day to catch up on emails and address important tasks you can better attend to future important meetings.
 Leave a detailed to-do list for when you return: Facing a condensed work-week highlights the importance to remain organized and sophisticated. In order to hit the ground running and prevent un-wasted time upon return, create a detailed to-do list on the last day before the long weekend. Prioritize the list by level of urgency or due date, and break the list down by what you hope to accomplish on which day.
During the Weekend
Wear and Reapply Sunscreen: Nothing can ruin your hard earned time off and make you more miserable than a preventable sunburn. No matter where the setting of your 4th of July leads you-the beach, park, even your own backyard, ensure an enjoyable time by wearing and reapplying adequate sunscreen. Tip: opt for a sunscreen that provides both UVA and UVB protection. This way, you’ll protect your skin from UVB rays, which cause sunburns and skin damage, as well as UVA rays that increase your risk for skin cancer.
Drink Your Water: While not the easiest to remember, keeping hydrated-especially with warmer temperatures and increased activity levels-keeps your body temperature regulated while supporting your joints. Aim to drink enough throughout the day to compensate for the lost or needed fluids.
Schedule Your Technology: The long weekend may tempt you into constantly looking through your inbox while obsessing over your next week’s calendar. Live in the present and set aside a few hours one day as “no tech” time, where you pick up a new activity or focus on your friends and family. You’ll be surprised at the relief you feel when you limit the time you spend on your phone.
Get some fresh air: Even if the weather conditions are less than ideal in your location, strive to get outside. Research shows that spending time in nature lowers risk of cardiovascular disease, and it increases sleep duration. Since a majority of people work indoors during the day, prioritizing outdoor time during a long weekend will be greatly beneficial.
Get to sleep/wake up the time you usually do: Let’s face it- you’re a go-getter, and while it’s not required that you stick to your strict routine, we recommend that you adhere to one that is relative. Strive to get adequate sleep and wake up at a reasonable hour to maintain the function of your internal clock.
Heading into the week
Prepare with Positivity: Recognize that happiness is a choice and decide that instead of feeling down about the upcoming work-week, you plan to remain positive. A positive mindset encourages engagement in your staff members while opening the door to more opportunities.
Start 15 minutes earlier:  No matter the difficulty of picking yourself out of bed, getting a few minutes head start in the morning will allow you to hit the ground running. Additionally, this serves as a positive example for those around you. Arriving early on that difficult first day back benefits you and demonstrates that it is possible to be motivated, even after a long weekend.
Check your to-do list: This is where you will thank yourself for implementing our suggested #2 tip. With a set list of priorities at hand you can ensure a highly productive week of work.
Leading a company requires immeasurable sacrifice, investment, and passion. Just how every person needs a work break from time to time, you must ensure to properly take time away from work to recharge. By implementing our tips above, you can fulfill this long weekend and focus on other important aspects in your life, while ensuring a smooth start to next week. However, if you’re feeling the stressful effects brought on by the constant pressures of the business, it’s time to reach out. If you’re struggling with business finances, HR related issues, Covid-19 effects, etc., our team at MCDA CCG, INC. provide services to guide you no matter what state you’re in. Through our professional counsel, we can strategize solutions sensible for your business and industry. Trust the experts, contact us today.

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