Largely misidentified as an admittance of incapability, the word counsel regrettably turns away even the most strayed individuals. At MCDA CCG, INC., we have helped a growing number of businesses overcome their greatest challenges and streamline even the most complex procedures, but misconceptions surrounding business consulting discourages some from reaching for a helping hand.

Unfortunately, these fears taint the concept as a whole, leading these concerned businesses to make high level decisions on their own-even without proper knowledge.  Today, we’re going to run you through some of the most common myths surrounding business consulting, and why you shouldn’t believe them. 


  • “Business consultants are just scammers”: Living in a completely “on demand” society expecting gratifying results at the click of a button, the word “scammer” has notoriously grown in popularity-questioning the true intent of every individual. Sure, there are many manipulative people in the world promising you the results you want when you want them, and habitual hastiness can get you into trouble. Seek guidance for your business as you would seek the care of someone important to you. Ensure their righteous intent by investigating their process methods, the sustainable results of their practices, and rates of achievement.
  • “They cost too much”: While you can expect to pay for consulting services, the fees related to improving your business in one or more functions incurs significantly less than attempting to complete it in house. Recognize that when you reach out to a trusted adviser, you are acknowledging a productive and future beneficial business investment. 
  • “They can’t possibly know everything we do”: 100% accurate, this claim attempts to discredit the value a consultant can bring to your business. Our job is not to understand every technical operation, but to bring a strategized process of thinking to position you in a place to flourish in your industry. By working with our expertise in accordance with your mission, we will create notable strides in your industry.
  • “If we hire one, I’ll be worthless”: Again, a (well intended) consultant is not after your job or position. A good consultant works to solidify and strengthen your role in the business, while providing services you may not have time to focus on. Furthermore, outsourcing functions such as bookkeeping, human resources, and more allow you to continue growing your company at a competitive rate.
  • “They’re going to change everything”: Unless your business is hanging on by a metaphorical thread-where your operating tactics run parallel to those with nativity or selfish intent, this is not the case. Commonly, you may just need guidance in one or a few certain areas to streamline your processes. However, if you require a more involved approach, we offer in depth expertise to pull you from the trenches keeping you from reaching success. 


To reach a level of success with our clients we leverage personalized processes while meeting our own set of standards to ensure highest efficiency and satisfaction. With the increasing rate of competition propelled by the post pandemic effects, now is the time to place faith in a trusted adviser to make sure your business stays ahead of the game. Reach out to an expert here at MCDA CCG, INC. to assess your current state and implement solutions adequate for the success of you, your business, and all those involved. Contact us today!


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