As the digital era tempts us in offering closer looks into our personal lives where we interact with others in a less than formal manner, delicate subjects quickly intertwine with appropriate topics. Furthermore, day-to-day usage of increasingly popular social media platforms combined with opinions of our country’s direction makes it difficult to prevent politics in the workplace. In recent events, more and more businesses are closing down from the repercussions of politically charged confrontations without proper methods to correct the situation

Unless you want to create ill feelings among your employees and potentially risk the survival of your business, avoid speaking about political subjects at wok in 4 easy steps:


1. Encourage Good Communication: 

Mutual Discussions, active listening, and meaningful apologies are all effective communication strategies to adopt into your workplace. Healthy conversation requires two willing individuals to partake in more delicate conversations such as politics. Additionally, ensure that your workplace does not tolerate name-calling by any means.

When communicating with someone about a serious topic, maintain eye contact, refrain from interrupting, and paraphrase to demonstrate you listened to and understand their points.


2. Discipline Toxic Encounters:

In many situations, even the smallest disagreements can spark an uproar and burst your employee morale. As you continuously strive to build a culture encouraging healthy conflict, you must hold employees accountable when they ignore respectful communication methods. 

A strong leader can step in and face uncomfortable situations where employees are acting out of line to specify their unsuitable behavior. By emphasizing the importance of your employees to speak up when another is acting disrespectful, it heightens the morale. 


3. Embrace Opposing Viewpoints:

The objective in today’s working world is to not avoid conflict completely, but to strive for healthy conflict. As market competition increases, it’s beneficial to create a lively  environment with several opposing viewpoints to open opportunities for fresh perspectives. As your workplace encourages healthy conflict, employees feel more comfortable in sharing their experience and voicing their unpopular opinions with hopes of improvement. 


4. Silence is Not the Answer: 

in the past, separating political discussions from the workplace served to appease a majority of employees. However, as years progress and younger workers feel the need of their company to respect their opinions and stance, this is no longer the answer. 

Instead of striving to keep out politics completely, consider proper communication of these subjects to strengthen your employee relationships and build a better foundation. 


As we see an increasing number of individuals in the workforce embracing change and opposing viewpoints, pivot your organization’s stance from avoiding political subjects to welcoming a culture of healthy communication.

However, if socially charged topics have created negative, lasting effects on your workplace morale, reach out to our team here at MCDA CCG, INC. to utilize our expertise in nurturing a strong and positive team culture. With our industry leading knowledge in employee expectations, behaviors, and implementing solutions to boost morale, the choice is clear. Contact us today!

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