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As we head into the weekend after an accomplished week of work , it’s exciting to anticipate how we’re going to spend these extra moments away from the workplace-social or not.

Here at MCDA, CCG, we have a general agreement in preference to stay around our personal homes on a clear and empty weekend. A weekend to refocus, work on ourselves, and recover-and at some point, watch a movie or 2!

Whether you’re an aspiring, new, or experienced leader, remember that personal observations and subjective insights add to the quality of skill sets demonstrated in the role. Continuous examination and  reflection will ideally set you apart from the rest! When we mention observations and insight, it doesn’t necessarily mean something more involved. In fact, many movies actually present and advocate leadership traits to make sure you are successful.

We’ve compiled a list of our favorite movies where leadership is a running theme…read on for our top 8!


  1. The Wolf of Wall Street

Winning first place on our list, the Wolf of Wall Street addresses the benefits of rewarding your workers when they perform well. While we certainly don’t condone you to throw any of these movie related events for your employees, recognize that employees work to their greatest potential when they feel motivated.

The lesson: The result of rewarding your employees builds a fierce and dedicated workforce who will move mountains for their boss.

 2. Gladiator

Strong and valuable communication creates an environment where a unified vision drives your team to succeed. In the movie Gladiator, the character Maximus portrays successful leadership traits as he provides intricate battle instruction to his members and delivers powerful speeches to motivate them.

The lesson: By utilizing strong and influential  communication methods, your team will better visualize your mission and take adequate steps in helping you get there.  

 3. Apollo 13

 Facing imminent demise once their spacecraft suffers major damage, the crew of Apollo 13 are suddenly forced to quickly find solutions to live through an emergency they weren’t prepared for. Due to their ingenuity and effective use of resources, the team successfully returns back home.

The lesson: No matter how greatly you prepare, some things will never go as planned. In relation  to the business you run, skills in using your current resources to get the job done-especially upon urgency-demonstrates there is no measure to what you can do as a leader.

 4. The Lion King

This Disney classic runs strong in displaying the effects of quality and moral leadership skills. The antagonist, “Scar” runs from criticism and begins accusing others for any wrongdoings-ultimately igniting a flame of chaos. As a consequence, the main protagonist loses who he is for a period of time. However, once he remembers his identity, he returns with sense of purpose and motivation.

The lesson: In any position, it can at some points feel hard to remember what you stand for-especially in leadership. When you further recognize the extent of your strengths and what your position encompasses, you can more effectively perform in your role.

5. The Walking Dead

While not a movie, this on screen portrayal of leadership skills demonstrated by Rick Grimes(played by actor Andrew Lincoln,) evokes admiration and further deserves a spot on this list. Throughout this series, Rick effectively identifies the strengths of each individual in his team, and positions each person to where they can serve greatest advantage-emphasizing the impact of a reinforced unit.

The lesson: To become a successful leader, you need a competent team behind you to successfully perform tasks set ahead in front of them. In this world, we can relate this situation to the interview process, where recruiting the right people for your team beyond their resume is key. 

 6. The Dark Knight

Commonly, the misconception that leaders must always show up faultlessly pressures those currently in the role and intimates those from pursuing it. In the Dark Knight, this concept runs as a strong theme throughout, where Bruce Wayne is forced to embrace his mistakes when thrown into a prison cell to die. Only after he practices humility can he pick himself up and come back much stronger-and wise-than before.

The lesson: While failing creates an implication of shame and fear in trying again, the ability to work through it produces a heightened competitive edge. 

7. The King’s Speech

Telling the story of King George VI, this movie continues as one of the most unique leadership movies as it portrays a king with a stammer who further feels unfit to be a king. But through the help of a speech therapist, he ultimately manages to lead his country through war. 

The lesson: The ability to admit a problem and ask for help is admirable, especially in business. When you put your trust in others, you put yourself-and team- in a much stronger position to overcome your challenges.

If you find that a certain weakness within yourself is hindering the performance of your team or business, contact our team at MCDA CCG, INC. to act as your reputable reference! Located in Placentia, Orange County California, our team of advisors are driven by your success. Call us today and let’s identify what’s holding you back.


And this concludes our list! 


Did any of your favorites make the list? If not, what is your favorite? Comment below!

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