Whether the company you lead and/or work for has extended the remote working process or not, facts reveal that a majority of companies are bringing back their workers to the workplace. Depending upon various contributing factors, you may feel enthusiastic to get back to the office or dread the whole idea. While some feel apprehension to readjust to the work environment, others with longer travel times may primarily find themselves dreading their commute! Unfortunately, commuting-no matter how you travel- is ultimately something you need to do to get to work and back.

Luckily, there are many ways you can make your commute less miserable to enjoy the time to yourself. 

Below we have listed some ways you can make the most out of your commute..

Consider Public Transportation:

If there is a public transport route on your way to work, consider experimenting with it. While we certainly don’t advise you to impulsively give up your car, you may find benefit to a more cost effective and convenient option-saving you gas, parking fees, and inevitable car maintenance. Furthermore, when you choose to ride on public transport, you will know your estimated time of arrival while avoiding stress induced events on the road such as traffic jams and road hazards. You will also feel more alert when you get to work, as you wouldn’t have spent the past hour focusing on the road.

Avoid Rush Hour

As we’ve mentioned, many businesses in the nation are preparing for or are already reinstating policies to come back to the workplace; and if your work has set working hours like a great majority of the population, it will be tough to work around rush hour. You can communicate with your employer about your hour(s) long commute and possibly discuss alternative working hours or flexible methods to avoid the busy times on the road. However, if several factors affect the possibility of this, consider driving to work early anyways and grab a coffee from a shop close to the office to unwind before your hectic day begins. 

Use Your Time Wisely

Whether you’re travelling by car, train, bus, or even bike, you can find creative ways to use your time wisely. Here at MCDA CCG, INC., our team enjoys listening to podcasts or different genres of music while we drive; or, if you take the bus, read a new book or attempt a crossword puzzle!

Whatever you prefer, remember that you can use your commute journey to either improve a certain skill or catch up on the tasks that you wouldn’t otherwise find time for.

Create Playlists of Music You Love

If you prefer to listen to music on your commutes, utilize the designated time to discover new music where you can ultimately improve your thoughts and boost your mood.

You can listen to new songs from your favorite artist, playlists to motivate you for your evening workout, or a calming tune to listen to at work when a specific co-worker is testing your patience.

Leave Earlier Than Normal

While this is much easier said than done, you can’t expect a change if you choose to neglect effort . If you genuinely want to improve your daily commute, you must commit to your sleep schedule. Begin with small changes; try advancing your bedtime routine 30 minutes earlier than normal and wake up a half hour earlier in the morning. With an earlier start to the day you will have more time to get to work earlier-avoiding the mad rush of other workers and ensuring a positive mindset.

Emergency Snack Kit

Already frustrating, an evening traffic jam can infuriate you even more if you’re starving and eager to get home for dinner. Avoid a mental breakdown and curb your hunger by keeping some long-lasting snacks in your car. Opt for dry foods with a lot of protein; protein bars, nuts, jerky, and fried fruit will effectively hold off your hunger and maintain adequate energy levels until you get home.

Pro-tip: if you’re a leader or manager, you’re probably familiar with travel. Avoid the possibility of a hunger strike and keep a snack in your travel bag!

Keep a Charger Near

With the world right at our fingertips, avoid a situation of panic and feelings of agitation in the event that your phone battery dies. With a spare charger, you can maintain the battery life of your phone-allowing you to contact your boss to let them know if you’re running late or search for alternative routes on your device.

To avoid being stuck in this kind of situation, be sure to always keep a charger on hand – whether it’s a power box or a USB cable so that your phone never runs on empty.

Identify Different Routes

Usually, there are several routes you can take to get to the same destination. So, to give yourself more control over your commute, why not map out and memorize the alternative routes that you can take?

it will not only save time but also will stop you from panicking when you’re stuck in a tricky situation, ensuring that you still get to and from work in a reasonable amount of time.

Connect With Friends and Family

Leading exceptionally  fast-paced lives, picking up the phones to touch base with loved ones is growing more difficult by the day. But with over 30 minutes to spare on your commute, why not dedicate this time to call a family member or friend? Or, if you take the bus or train, send them a message to find out what they’ve been up to. While filling your commute time, this will ultimately put you in a better mood.


Do you find less and less time throughout your day to brainstorm or think about ideas that you’ve been shoving to the backburner? If so, use your daily time wisely by brainstorming particular ideas or unique strategies on your daily commute.

We hope this helps! If you’ve recently implemented policies to return to the workplace and still find that your team is struggling, there may be a variety of reasons hindering productivity. And while some reasons may not be cause for concern, others can expand and  generate even bigger issues!

Get the bottom line and don’t risk additional effects; Call our team at MCDA, CCG, INC. to assess and locate weaknesses in your business performance. Whether it be employee dissatisfaction, outdated processes, or another related issue, our experts-located in Placentia, Orange County, California-can guide you through any business obstacle with a fresh perspective.

Which of these methods are you going to try in your commute?


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