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August 13, 2021by Mikerash0

“When I grow up, I want to be a town crier!”

A highly unusual sentence today, this phrase may have received sufficient praise at some point in our history. All over the world, individuals regularly envision their optimal career paths; maybe you are enrolled in college narrowing on your future path or maybe you are 20 years into a occupation you want to move out of.

Either way, a sense of future sustainability and realistic outlook should add influence to your decision!

The monumental strides and advancement in technology within our society continues to turn over job demand as new professions take the place of older ones. And of course throughout this never ending cycle, certain positions may seem stranger than others.

Think back to 20 years ago, the role of “social media managers” would never have crossed your mind.

Whichever avenues you are exploring in terms of job moves or business decisions, regularly consider future circumstances-and in the meantime enjoy this list of 13 obsolete professions on this Friday the 13th:

  1. Radio thespian: Back before television marched through and made its debut into every home in the nation, actor demand was primarily set in radio. Yes, up until the 1960’s, radio drama reigned as society’s popular form of entertainment. A lack of persona recognition resulting in many actors playing minor parts in 20-minute serials or entire radio spot-either way, radio acting jobs are no longer in existence because they died a long time ago to make way for television.
  2. Elevator Operator: One of the most iconic jobs from the 1930s to the 1960’s, this profession involved the single purpose of taking passengers to their requested floors. Hotels, commercial towers, residential complexes, even multi story ships consisted of a man or woman operator. However- fast forward some time, automations to elevators put masses of these elevator operators out of work.
  3. Ratteners: In the name itself, workers in this position were called in to capture and sell rats to pubs or for entertainment purposes. A staggering fact to comprehend since individuals today pay for rats to be fumigated or removed from their homes.
  4. Pinsetter: Archaically repetitive, this job entailed individuals to manually arrange bowling pins in a bowling alley once customers finished their round. However with the introduction of automated solutions, this position became obsolete.
  5. Bematists: In a pinch, you may actually resort to the practice of measurement today. Bematists were educated individuals who specialized in measuring distances just with their steps. A monotonous job, Bematists are now replaced with technological applications to accelerate the action of measuring distance lengths.
  6. Switchboard Operator: Before digitized exchange streamlined communication processes, switchboard operators connected long distance calls and directed phone routes. Now, powerful online communication and networking abilities eliminate the need for switchboard operators.
  7. Iceman: Before the development of safely powered refrigerators, nonmechanical ice boxes stored perishable grocery items. Dating even further back, ice men (or ice cutters) would deliver a significant ice block and break it into tiny pieces for your glass of lemonade, scotch, or iced tea. Presently, with the widespread ability to make ice at home, this job became extinct.
  8. Lamplighter: Before electricity, gasoline or candles powered roadside streetlights. Lamplighters were professionals entrusted to light, maintain, and turn off these lights. Since the replacement of electrical streetlights, there is little to no demand for this job.
  9. Lector: The correlation between office culture and employee morale is a serious topic to this day, where genuine leaders continuously strive to create a positive working environment. In the past, business owners would often hire lecturers to ignite some enthusiasm in the workplace, where they would read newspapers, sing to employees, even tell some jokes. However, with eventual recognition of the disruption and annoyance lectors brought to the workplace, this job no longer exists.
  10. Knocker-Upper: Let’s face it, a strange title for a position, knocker uppers were the early form of the smartphone alarm clock, where human beings were entrusted with the task of waking people up in the morning for work. Evidently, with the advent of the modernized alarm clock, there is no need for this job.
  11. Hush Shopkeeper: During the era of the prohibition, sneaky hush shopkeepers got their name from keeping their liquor sales on the “hush-hush”. The only profession on this list not eliminated by technology, but instead by the reversal of a detested law.
  12. Town Crier: Before the arrival of instant technological updates-tv, radio, social media-town criers were in charge of shouting important news from street corners with their booming voices.
  13. Leech Collector Ages ago, the healthcare industry relied on leeches to treat their patients by sucking toxic blood and disease from their bodies. Thus, the job of going into the wild to collect these blood sucking leeches came into high demand, gaining rapid momentum in 19th century Europe. Notably, with the development of modern medicine, this job eventually became obsolete.

As strange as many as these jobs can seem today, time specific behavior and capabilities once highlighted the purpose of these professions. However, with never-ending technological achievements decimating job opportunities world-wide, many of today’s jobs will disappear.

This emphasizes the importance of future proofing your business and structuring your employee roles to sustain through societal advancements! Unsure of how you can solidify your stance? Don’t feel overwhelmed-in many cases it’s not as complicated as you think, contact our business advisory team at MCDA CCG-headquartered in Placentia, Orange County, California- for our innovative approach to business sustainability today!

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