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By now, it’s well proven that eating a nutritious lunch increases your productivity and improves your focus throughout the day; but did you know that where you eat can also directly effect your health?

In America, a false misconception implies the notion that the more work you do the better, encouraging individuals eat their lunches while working. Gradually throughout the years, an increasing number of workplace wellness programs aim to improve workforce health-yet many still can’t resist staying at their desks to send out a few more emails.

While you may be thinking that you are more productive this way, research proves that staying at your desk all day can actually decrease your productivity and increase stress levels. Also, sitting for long periods of time without any physical movement creates back pain, leg disorders, and increased risk of heart disease.

In short, getting away from your periodically is important for both mental and physical health. Here’s a list of reasons of why taking your lunch elsewhere may be another positive step in your health journey.

  1. Stiff Joints: A more short term complication, eating lunch at your desk every day can create tension in your muscles-causing sore joints. Furthermore, when you sit for long periods of time-especially with poor posture-it weakens the powerhouses of your body: your back and core muscles. When these muscles feel relentless strain, it will lead to issues elsewhere in your body. If you find it absolutely impossible to get away from your desk, we strongly suggest that you do some stretches and exercises to prevent the negative effects of sitting all day.
  2. Mental Exhaustion: When your to-do list overwhelms you, it may be tempting to order a quick meal and eat it at your desk. However, we only have so much mental energy that we can use in a day before it depletes and stops our efficiency. To prevent this, move your body around the office even if it’s just for a short spurt. When you get your heart pumping it clears your head.
  3. Unproductivity: We’re here to break it to you that the highly regarded “skill” of multitasking actually works the opposite-it stalls your productivity. While you may be able to check off a few items on your to-do list a little sooner, remember that quality work is deep work.
  4. Long Term-Health Effects: There is a reason to the focus on exercise: it significantly decreases the chance of health related disease in the future. When you choose to eat your lunch at your desk, you’re choosing to stay seated for a longer period of time, which can actually make you sick. Sitting for hours upon a time increases your risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. On top of this, it can wreak havoc on your pancreas-leading to diabetes and other diseases.
  5. Weakens Work/Life Balance: This should come at no surprise: with a nationwide obsession convincing you to work all day without breaks, you can expect a quick road to burnout. To avoid an emotional collapse, implement personal milestones throughout the day, and take quick breaks once you reach them. On your “desingated” breaks, consider going outside for a short walk, or-if the weather is unfavorable-walk around the building.
  6. Increases Stress: Probably the most crucial item on this list. Without a doubt, work can create pressure, and eating lunch at your desk can increase your stress levels in your body and mind. If you choose to ignore breaks, you ignore the ability to recover-increasing overall burnout.

Because a tremendous deal of your business success falls on your shoulders, your health-both short and long term-is critical. Furthermore, those in your company will recognize your habits, increasing the chances that they disregard critical breaks. An unhealthy work culture always creates additional issues in the company.

Stop it here.

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