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What initially started out as a platform for communities to share their voices, celebrate life achievements, and connect with others, has now exploded into a new method for businesses to reach their customers.

Without a doubt, every business joining the social media world hopes to gain traction and see immediate success from it, so what’s the key? Unfortunately, there is no magic formula to social media success, and the realization of gradual growth convinces many impatient businesses to sell to their audience by purchasing their attention.

Buying their followers, subscribers, ads, likes, comments, you name it.

When your’e looking to show up on your audience radar with a high following behind you, this purchase option may seem like a no – brainer. However, depending on quantity to build your following prevents you from doing what social media was created for in the first place – making authentic connections with individuals and sharing value.

Today, we’re going to study the importance of organic content and why you should invest more time into it.

What is Organic Content?

Organic content refers to good quality content that attracts authentic interest from your social media audience. When social media was in its infancy, businesses only posted organic content instead of paying for their ads or followers. However, throughout the growth and development of social media, businesses-from startups, to medium sized, to multiple location companies- have lost faith in the power of organic content.

For one, a dramatic increase in competition attributes to this loss of faith, where companies struggling to be heard in the massive noise on social media now believe organic content is ineffective. A second-yet popular – reason people have given up is because of the social algorithm changes.

Certain changes have been more positive for some users, but unquestionably challenging for brands. The visibility of their content has decreased significantly, making it even harder to get heard amidst all the noise.

In competitive efforts, many businesses have shifted towards paid social advertising, where they strengthen their chance of showcasing their content in front of their target audience. As such, brands are also increasingly shifting their budgets away from other activities, such as content creation. At MCDA CCG, we believe this may be one of the worst things you can do for your business, where current and potential followers will feel that you’re trying to sell to them-as opposed to adding value in their lives.

Why Should Your Business Invest More In Organic Content?
Build Brand Loyalty

Businesses on social media should refocus their reach, because if followers realize that your content doesn’t compliment your paid media, they lose trust in your authenticity. MCDA CCG’S CEO, Mike Rash, states that, “When social media users feel a connection to a brand or individual, their loyalty to that company or person increases.”

Social media users know when they see an ad and someone is trying to sell them something. However, through non-paid updates, brands can provide a genuine look into what defines the organization and build authentic relationships with their audiences in a way that makes them feel connected.

Add Value To Your Audience

Just when you think that you’ve gained a grip on the giant that is social media, features, algorithms, and details seem to change by the day. Often, it can feel that social media is moving faster than the speed of light, where the panic to remain relevant affects the quality of content.

It’s not exactly easy to constantly generate social media posts, videos, photos, and presentations 24/7 in addition to running your business, and we understand the temptation to purchase followers and material instead. However, quality content, followers, subscribers, and engagement matters, and will all influence the decision of a new customer/follower.

Cost Effective

Aside from adding value to your current or potential audience, organic content and followers are extremely cost-effective. Each one of your updates are free to share, however, it’s critical that you don’t go overboard with posting.

Help Your SEO

What does your organic social media presence have to do with search engine optimization, or SEO? Updating your profiles regularly can help you show up in relevant search results.

For example, If a user searches ‘Best cafes in Orange County,’ a website with an active social media page providing backlinks with the words ‘cafe’ and ‘Orange County’ in its profile information will rank higher in search results than one without these backlinks.

While there is a lot of helpful information you can glean from a little bit of ad testing, there’s also plenty you can learn from your organic approach. It takes time, but it’s worth it! In addition, you’ll need to be creative to drive engagement on non-paid social media, which can help you build content marketing muscles you may not have developed yet.

Yes, there are benefits to boost your content with paid social media advertising, however, it’s just as important that you consider the quality of your content here too. First, our team strongly encourages that you establish a realistically attainable budget and create a category for your social media efforts. Leveraging your monthly budget empowers you to create strong content using a variety of formats -pictures, words, videos, etc.

Ensure that your content is unique, interests your audience, and engages them. When done properly, customers will be compelled to stop scrolling and view your content, increasing your ability to be shared.

This can also lead to a more effective use of your advertising dollars – by investing money behind content that first performs well organically, you’re making a more informed decision on such spend.

The Important Of Having A Social Media Marketing Plan

Before embarking on any business venture, it’s important to have a plan of strategy to set you up for success. With an effective plan to refer to, you will begin increasing your online exposure, get in front of your target audience, establish your brand image online, and ultimately drive traffic to your website.

While eventually rewarding, it’s a lot of work. If you don’t already have an in-house team specifically working to grow your social media presence, that means you’re doing it yourself. While you may have explored outside assistance before, surfaced presentations and unrealistic promises deterred you away from the concept entirely.

We want to show you how we’re different.

Here at MCDA CCG, we strongly believe that success in all business activities is achieved by a team built on the foundation of trust. Therefore, we encourage you to contact our office, headquartered in Placentia, Orange County, California, to better understand how our systemic approach to social media marketing will deliver you the achievable results you want. Give us a call today!

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