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September 28, 2021by Mikerash1
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The exorbitant volume of work recruiting is stressful under normal circumstances, and practically impossible in the era of Covid-19. Between shortlisting, administration, interviewing, reviewing, etc., additional time seems to dwindle, and the applicable expenses see a sudden spike.  All of this; only to be at the mercy of candidate no-shows at the time of interviewing adds to recruitment complexity. 

By this point, time has been wasted, schedules have been disrupted, and the money has been spent.

With the rise of technology accelerating multiple business functions, our team at MCDA CCG believe in the power of video interviewing to eliminate the costs of no-shows. First, let’s explore why previously inquisitive candidates end up no-showing their scheduled interviews.

Lack of Time Efficiency

From a mathematical standpoint, the more applicants under your radar, the longer it takes to narrow down quality talent and schedule interviews.. While many of our business activities have developed with advancing technology, it has shed light on our greatest, yet priceless resource: time. Candidates’ time is just as valuable as our own, and their interest can rapidly diminish if your recruiting processes are slow. 

While you may see many candidates agreeing to meet with you for interviews, they will quickly move on if they experience a faster-moving process elsewhere, and you will find yourself with a considerable amount of interview no-shows.

How video interviewing can help: When you choose to utilize video interviewing, you will streamline the recruitment process for all involved and eliminate lost time. When recruiters schedule video interviews, quality candidates are able to skip the unproductive waiting period. 

The need for coordinating schedules and other administration duties can be disregarded, and the process can move as swiftly as possible, keeping both candidates and recruiters enthused along the way.


While few unexpected scenarios will affect a candidate’s ability to attend their scheduled interview, the need to cancel or reschedule a time regularly leaves a negative impression on recruiters. The same goes for recruiters. If you suddenly try to cancel or reschedule an anticipated interview, candidates may feel a sense of undervalue and disregard you altogether. 

If, however, you are successful in rescheduling an interview, their lack of motivation may persuade them to not show up altogether. 

How video video interviewing can help: Video interviewing dramatically decreased the risk of candidates walking away from your recruitment process. If you can’t do the interview, you don’t need to, as candidates complete within the timeframe given, and their response is there for recruiters to review at your convenience. 

It Levels the Playing Field

In today’s competitive world, you are doing everything you can to stay ahead of the game while maintaining a reputable image. Because you’re focused on ongoing business survival, you may overlook the competitive edge necessary for talent acquisition. Businesses are competing all day every day to attract the best talent and fill their own vacancies, and regardless of whether you secure the best candidates, your bottom line is affected. 

Bringing a candidate one step further in the recruitment process isn’t always successful when they do not attend the interview, and there is a gap in a tight recruitment schedule. They may have already accepted another offer from your competitor.

Of course, candidates are only human, and the chances are that your organization is not the only one they’re scoping out for a career opportunity. The need to be fast, efficient, and innovative is imperative.

How video interviewing can help: Video Interviewing speeds up the process, enabling you to attract and retain top talent while eliminating the risk of losing the candidate along the way. Even better, your organization can stand out as an employer of choice by showing off that you’re moving with the times and implementing forward-thinking change with Video Interviewing.


They’re Just Not Interested 

Sometimes, the reason is that your candidates were never that interested in you, your company, the position, or all the above. This makes recruitment more complicated when the time has been set aside to conduct an interview, only to be wasted when the candidate does not attend. Scheduling time for said candidate ends up being a costly mistake for your recruitment and diverts the team’s attention from other crucial tasks.

How video Interviewing can help: With video interviewing, you now narrow the talent pool of interested candidates where you are in control. No-show? No budget lost!

No-shows hurt, and with the growing number of candidates neglecting to show up for scheduled interviews, proactive businesses are implementing digital solutions to see substantial ROI. However, just because you’re now recognizing the importance of video interviewing, it doesn’t mean you can’t effectively compete with those who already have systems in place. Our team of business professionals here at MCDA CCG, INC. see this, and want to amplify your current position to attract the best candidates to match your team. 

We are currently offering impressive discounts on our quality recruiting solutions for a limited time. Contact our team -headquartered in Placentia, Orange County, California- to see how we can help you in a free, no-obligation discussion. With nothing to lose, why not pick up the phone?

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