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October 10, 2021by Mikerash0
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The past two years have brought forth many universal challenges leaving many of us struggling with our mental wellness. While society continues to make strides in breaking down the stigma of mental health, there is still much work to be done.

Today marks World Mental Health Day 2021; to honor this day we are doing our part to raise mental health awareness and encouraging other employers and business leaders to do the same. As we move into the last of 2021, employers can take advantage of World Mental Health Day 2021 and promote mental health education by providing resources with their employees.

Leadership Strategies to Incorporate In Your Workplace
    1. Increase Mental Health Awareness

To encourage employees to ask for help when they need, they must have readily available mental health awareness resources.

When employees feel authentically supported by their company, they feel more confident in expressing their need for help. To build a solid community of trust, our HR experts emphasize the importance of continued training for all managers. Employers and leaders play key roles in creating a culturally safe work environment.

Managers and business leaders must be equipped with the emotional skills to be able to be of support to an employee who needs it and effectively help them in navigating available resources.

Working in higher stress positions, this also means that managers and leaders require emotional wellbeing first to be able to support employees who need it.

    1. Promote Available Resources

Employers must make it a point to have resources in place for employees to take care of their mental health conditions.

Organizations should also consider how they could actively combat common mental health stressors in the first place. This can include programs to help with financial stress, personal responsibilities, or even emphasizing services such as healthy food delivery.

Within the workplace, consider implementing flexible schedules, strengthening manager/employee communication channels, and increasing employee recognition.

Communication is crucial. An effective employee communications strategy can help employees know what is available, when to use which resource and how to easily access tools.

    1. Take Personal Action

Sometimes, you just need time to think about taking taking action regarding your mental health. If you are an employer and/or manager, it is imperative that your employees physically see you taking care of your own mental health. Those who lead a team must first feel and be supported themselves if they are to effectively support those around them.

Other Ideas to Honor Today
      • Call/reach out to a friend
      • Call/reach out to a family member
      • Do random acts of kindness
      • Donate to mental health organizations
      • Read and share articles with others
      • Host a virtual event
Ideas for Self-Care
    • Begin today by expressing gratitude
    • Laugh
    • Decrease your screen time
    • Get out and exercise with some form of physical activity
    • Cook your favorite meal, or order from your favorite restaurant
    • End the day by expressing gratitude

Our team at MCDA CCG want to ensure that your organization can confidently create awareness with important topics like mental health to your employees. If you want to learn more we encourage that you reach out to our team with any questions regarding supportive resources and personal support.

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