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Franchise consultants are excellent resources for prospective franchisees.

They help guide you through your complex decisions as you choose among myriad franchise options. 

Historically, franchise consultants have helped franchisors develop and expand their business model, but this one-sided approach is shifting into a more comprehensive model. Today, franchise consultants provide additional benefit to those seeking new franchise aspirants – helping match individuals to a franchise that promises more opportunities for success.

Are you considering franchising for the first time? Then it’s time to get some good advice and assistance. As you embark on a new and exciting opportunity, it’s imperative that you use the expansive, in- depth experience of other experts who have gone before you.

A professional franchise consultant will evaluate your wants, needs, skills and ideas. 

They will survey and consult based on your preferences. As the consultant works to make your dreams a reality, expect that there will be dozens of calls and follow-up questions as you consider your next career move into franchising. You want this to be as close to perfect as possible, so look for these characteristics in a franchise consultant:

  1. Objective advice: A consultant should be brimming with up to date information or have sufficient access to it, and his advice should come from an objective evaluation. Balanced information is critical in making the right decision for yourself. You should never feel pushed toward a specific franchisor.
  2. Well-rounded skills: A consultant will be coaching you on franchise processes, legal considerations, location, marketing, and budgeting. This individual should have demonstrated experience in broad franchising best practices, certainly, but also retain a broad expanse of business acumen.
  3. Clear communicator: Judge how well you understand the information provided by your consultant. Every step of the franchise evaluation process is critical and must be clear to you. Your consultant may need to present information differently or teach you concepts before you can make knowledgeable decisions. An effective consultant will do this patiently until you fully understand your options.
  4. A focus on you: The goal is to get you matched with the best franchise to fit your needs, your goals, and your idea of success. While a consultant should provide alternative ideas, the ideas should help solidify and affirm your preferences. All efforts should satisfy your own short and long-term goals.
  5. Money sense: A strong consultant will work within your budget, provide forecasts, find alternative sources of capital investment, and examine the impact of all options on your future operation. The best franchise will struggle without a strong financial foundation, and a franchise consultant should candidly assess your financial risks.
  6. Creates connection: Your choice of consultant must ultimately be someone you feel you can trust. As you consider investing your savings in a franchise, always listen to your gut. If you have any doubts or feel uncomfortable with your consultant, never be afraid to step back and find another. Starting a franchise is too important a decision to make without having confidence.

Final Thoughts

Much unlike seeking out your usual, anticipated service providers, selecting a franchise consultant can feel exceptionally intimidating with so much at risk. While we hope that this list of necessary consultant characteristics paints you a clear picture of who to look for, the fact is that it’s not so straightforward as searching for most service professionals.

Not only do you want to make sure that your franchise consultant possesses the skills listed above, you also should ensure that they have proper insight and experience in your industry to increase your chances of success. Our team of professionals here at MCDA CCG are driven by our clients success and advocate for them as they embark on new business ventures. We have guided many prospective franchisees in various industries (restaurants, service industries, etc.) to reach their goals in the most timely manner.

We know the deep-rooted feelings of confusion, uncertainty, and apprehension. This is why we strongly encourage that you call one of our experts at our office headquarters, in Placentia, Orange County, California, to see how we can become your strategic partner and help you embark on this new opportunity.

The call is free, pick up the phone today!



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