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Automating your business processes is a critical step in scaling growth and expansion.

There are so many different opportunities that arise through automation. There are still a large amount of business specific tasks that need individual attention to continue prospering. Business process automation helps those individual minds focus on their specific talent areas instead of monotonous time wasting tasks.

Below we have identified the three most effective areas and opportunities for business process automation.


Automation of communication provides several benefits allowing you to save precious time when responding to customers and distributing necessary information. Whether it’s email, notifications, social media, or routing requests, business process automation saves employees time and allows your business to disseminate information quickly and efficiently.

At MCDA CCG we work with our clients to automate multiple forms of communication. We can help your business with applications that will automatically generate emails to customers after they submit a form. We can assist with customer inquiries by automatically routing them to the appropriate person or department. There are controls that can be added such as approval processes along the workflow that alert the specific person or department with a notification.


Numerous steps can be automated to expedite the workflow process when tasks or activities follow the same basic process allowing your staff to spend their time focused on critical knowledge based tasks.

At MCDA CCG we help our clients automate their workflows with document control items such as certifications, licenses, or other time-limited documents. We create workflows that start with automatic notifications to update when a document expiration date is approaching.


For example, our consultants recently assisted an aerospace manufacturing company create a workflow to help process renewals of their supply chain certifications. This renewal process required multiple documents, and approvals. We created a renewal packet that contained all of the necessary documents so the quality control department could quickly see, review, and approve their supplies for another period of time. This workflow also allowed for the clients to expedite requests for additional information, automated the follow up, allowing them to focus on other critical tasks.

(If you are currently or have experienced a failed ERP implementation, here are some tips on you can recover, here)


Data entry using forms can be extremely tedious. Even the most experienced worker will make mistakes with manual data entry. These mistakes pose a risk for organizations, but fortunately many of these data entry tasks are easily automated.

For example, automation can ensure the system provides the correct forms for the activity and pre-populates form data for the user. Automated address validation allows users to begin typing a business or address and then recommends matching locations or offers an address validated against the U.S. postal service. Some data, such as the customer’s name and address, can be automatically populated on forms, reducing the need to re-enter the information manually. (Not sure on the best accounting software for your business? Click here)

Even the form itself can be automated. Multiple similar forms can be combined, and the appropriate questions posed to the user based on their input to previous questions. If forms are part of a workflow, then subsequent activities can also be automated. This combination allows organizations to gain multiple efficiencies and maximize the benefit they receive from automation!


Organizations have workflows that follow the same process or ask users to enter relatively basic data into forms. Whether it’s internally based or for customers, all organizations have communication needs.

Tasks can be automated to expedite processes or to reduce the time spent by the staff working on routine activities. MCDA CCG consultants help clients with all forms of automation and we understand the unique, difficult challenges faced with automation within multiple industries.

While implementing modern automation tools can present challenges, the long term benefits certainly validate its overall value. However, it’s your level of dedication and methods of incorporation that determines your success. If this upcoming year has you excited for future opportunities, you must ensure that you are first ready to take them on. Contact our business experts today by calling our office -headquartered in Placentia, Orange County, California -to get you on the right path to lasting company optimization!

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