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October 21, 2021by Mikerash0
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Hopefully by now, you recognize the exceptional impact social media continues to make on businesses. Whether you are a startup, a mid-size, or a high growth company, social media platforms have become the embodiment of today’s digital marketing.

But it doesn’t come without a learning curve.

Creating content takes a lot of work, and if you have played around with a few social media platforms, you understand that each one serves a unique purpose and is made up around its own set of specific guidelines. Managing these different platforms and creating content for each is a cumbersome task, and directly disturbs your ability to keep consistent with it. Moreover, due to the level of variance, it can become extremely time consuming; however, if you want your business to survive today, you must be getting your social media strategies in place.

Fortunately there are a few ways that our digital marketing specialists you can dramatically simplify this process – repurposing content. Learning how to repurpose content across digital channels, you can increase your output while using your time more effectively.

In this guide we will show you ways you can use content from different channels to create content for others.

When you take on the responsibility of of maintaining a consistent, relevant, and valuable social media presence, you are focused on reaching wider audiences in an effective way.

Repurposing Blogs for Social Media

If your website has a blog or if you are in charge of managing one, you can use the key takeaways from posts to create social media content.

Let’s use one of our previous blog posts as an example: Free CRM in Google Sheets. In this blog we assess how businesses refusing to pay for CRM software can get a free, similar experience by using Google Sheets. One of the problems we identify is the need to pay for a CRM application if you can’t afford it.

Later, we repurposed this post by creating content that highlights the key point. We did this through Instagram, TikTok, and the latest feature, Youtube Shorts.

We also put these statements together for our LinkedIn page by using bullet points to translate the key ideas and explain it’s value for the business leaders reading the post.

If the content matches the viewers, you can always adapt the key takeaways to create tons of content. And it’s easier because the idea is already there. All you need to do is repurpose it.

Convert Lengthy Posts Into Podcasts

Sometimes you will find that a post doesn’t perform as well as you had hoped, despite the value of information in it. In this situation, you should consider the potential benefit in restructuring a lengthy post into a podcast to potentially reach a wider audience. We recommend that you put in a little bit more effort than just reciting the caption or post to demonstrate authenticity and knowledge in your subject.

Of course, if you really want to, you can go even further by breaking up a longer post into several smaller pieces, then creating a structured Youtube series organized in a playlist.

Ultimately, if a piece of content fails to reach its mark, you may benefit from reorganizing your words into an audible piece.

Bonus: You can also take one of your previous podcasts and transcribe it yourself into a blog post. Always make sure that you check for any Grammar errors before you post!

Story For Video

As seen in the high engagement rate of popular social media platforms- TikTok, Youtube, and Instagram Reels, etc. – video is successfully establishing its place in today’s digital marketing world. Video works on any social media platform, so if you produce video content for your website or Instagram, ensure that you make the effort to share it anywhere else fit.

On the platforms that it does pertain to, modify captions, hashtags, and all that according to the specific platform you are sharing the video on.

More so, if you don’t have one already, consider using the platform to host a library of the content you’ve made on Youtube.

Not only can you reuse the content you make in different digital channels, but you can also repurpose it to make additional revenue.

Final Thoughts

If you don’t put in the effort to repurpose your content, you will constantly be fighting an uphill battle, watching your time diminish while your competition thrives.

While we hope this post clarifies how you can make the best use of your time, maintaining a valuable social media presence will never be a single-step process. Editing formats, wording, hashtags, phrases, ratios, etc. are all required to adapt to different platforms, and you will find that this constant revision becomes a commitment. In most cases, business owners prefer to focus their valued time where they want – on running their business.

Those who rather concentrate on the business itself almost always see great results when they outsource their digital marketing efforts. Note our use of the word, *almost.

When we say outsource, we don’t mean delegating this comprehensive function to someone who claims to be a social media expert. Not only are these individuals restricted to a specific industry, their single approach prevents them from venturing out of the social media box.

If you want to see your business successful online, you need an effective digital marketing strategy as well as the supporting commitment. Our digital marketing experts at MCDA CCG can customize a plan to fit your online advertising needs, while using our industry-wide experience to to accurately identify your specific audience, assess their unique pain points, and curate content to match your product/service to them.

With the end of the year and the holiday season right around the corner, now is the best opportunity to reach your audience and maintain your competitive edge.

Don’t wait, call our office in Placentia, Orange County, California, today!



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