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Halloween is right around the corner, and since the year 2020 limited most of us to displaying our holiday creativity in our homes, we’re even more excited to show off our costumes on a more social level . Halloween is a fantastic chance to break away from your traditional work clothes and show off your fun side with your colleagues!

Whether you’re frantically searching for last minute costume ideas for an upcoming Halloween work party or something to just wear to work-on site or not- we have you covered! Plus, our team of HR professionals have weighed in their opinions to ensure that you can show off your fun, creative, and work-appropriate costumes without worry!

Solo costume ideas
  1. Starbucks: Whether it’s a Frappuccino, latte, or Americano, your love for coffee makes this a simple and fun outfit to create. For a Frappuccino look, grab a beige-colored dress or T-shirt and pair of trousers, and wrap a Starbucks decal around your waist. Here, a white, feathery scarf becomes whipped cream in a second. Or, if you prefer to dress as a traditional beverage, grab a white t-shirt or dress and add a checklist with coffee shots, size, and a name on your back.

To finish the look, make a hat out of a plastic cup (add a straw for Frappuccino)!

  1. Rosie the Riveter: This iconic look is perfect for anyone looking for a simple and affordable Halloween outfit. In fact, you can probably find most of these items in your closet already.  All you need is a red, polka dot scarf or bandana, a chambray shirt and jeans. To finish the look, pin up and twist your hair into a bun and throw on some 40s style makeup.

     Add a toned bicep when you pose for pictures!

  1. Vampire: A classic look celebrating the popular and frightening character, Dracula, this costume idea will make you a strong contender in any contest. With a pair of pointed teeth, some flake blood coming down your mouth, and a cape you can create a Halloween favorite in minutes. If you want to stand out from the rest of the vampire costumes, add a few simple props!
  2. Cruella: Celebrating the release this year, “Cruella” step into Emma Stone’s shoes and dress the part herself! All you need to complete this look is a black dress or t-shirt, a white, fluffy coat, a two-toned wig, plenty of makeup, and a red pair of gloves! Go one step further and carry a Dalmatian toy.
  3. Snapchat filter: This costume idea is super fun for any work party or on Halloween itself. Make a popular and temporary filter into a permanent one by either making or purchasing a crown of flowers to wear as a headband. For the makeup, contour and highlight your face to give it the ultimate filter effect.
  4. Superman/girl: To channel your inner Clark Kent or Kara Danvers, simply wear a Superman/Supergirl T-shirt underneath a business suit. Put on some glasses and you are good to go!

7. Ghost: If you’re looking to put in the least amount of effort in your costume, the                 classic ghost outfit is perfect. Take a white sheet, cut out holes for your eyes, and             that’s all. It’s probably wise to only put this on for group photos, as it will interrupt                your regular working pattern.


If You’re Going In A Group
  1. Emojis: For a super simple and fun group outfit, you can all wear black and make cut-out emojis that cover your entire face, or, if you would rather you can opt for a ready-made costume.
  2. Social Networks: Whether or not your company is big on social media, you can’t go wrong with this group outfit idea! If so, think outside the box by dressing up as social media apps. Think: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, Youtube, and Snapchat.
  3. Harry Potter Cast: For all Harry Potter fans, the iconic student uniforms worn by the cast makes this a simple outfit. If you want to be Harry, simply buy a wig and draw a lightning-shaped scar on your forehead. If you want to dress up as other characters, buy the corresponding wigs.
  4. Minions: The base of the minion costume is actually very simple to create. Grab some jean short overalls, a long-sleeved yellow shirt, tall yellow socks, a yellow beanie, black gloves and black shoes. Finish the look with some DIY or purchased eye goggles!
  5. Dominos: This idea is perfect for groups on a budget. Wear all black and use white tape to draw circles on the ‘dominoes’. For pictures you can lay on the floor for added effect.
  6. The Office Cast: Another classic, get together with your group and decide on the characters of your choice. For Michael Scott, wear a suit jacket, ID badge, and a “World’s Best Boss” mug. For Pam Beasley, all you need is a black, pencil skirt, a long sleeve Oxford shirt, and a grey cardigan! Whichever character you decide to dress as, remember that you probably have these pieces already hanging in your closet.
  7. Squid Games: This popular tv show has sparked a tracksuit fashion trend, making it a perfect idea for a Halloween costume! If you’re looking for a ready made suit in the right color, you may have to check online. Or, for a DIY option, find some plain green tracksuits, spare white t-shirts, and some iron-on decals of the numbers of your group’s choice. Finish the look with some white slip on shoes!

If you want, go one step further and try to match the number of your choice to your favorite main character in the show. Don’t choose a number greater than 456!

Final thoughts

While these ideas are fun for your workplace costume party, make sure you aren’t offending anyone in the process. Before you decide on a costume, consider the cultures and religions shared in your workplace to ensure you won’t be offending anyone. 


What will you be dressing up as this year?


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