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December 17, 2021by Mikerash0
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The New Year: a time for reflection, self-realizations, and new resolutions. 

This annual calendar event inspires a new beginning, where individuals evaluate their work goals and energize their career while also working toward personal development. If you are wondering how to make 2022 the year to take the next step in your career and personal growth, look no further!

Set Goals the Right Way

The initial step in establishing career goals for 2022 is to reflect on achievements for the goals you set in 2021.

Because external circumstances have a direct impact on some of your desired outcomes, avoid dwelling on failures and try not to get too caught up in your accomplishments. 

An objective outlook helps you to establish new goals more realistically. The more feasible the goal, the greater the likelihood of success.

As you establish your goals for 2022, be careful not to list too many milestones. A never-ending list of work may affect the time and energy that are necessary for achieving them. 

Prepare measurable goals that include short-term, perhaps monthly, targets that may help make longer-term career objectives more manageable.

Career Goals
Move Up In Your Current Company

Before talking to management regarding a raise or promotion, curate a list of your  responsibilities and whether you’ve been successful at achieving them regularly.

Remember that you always want to go in showing that you are focused on adding more value to the company rather than increasing the dollar amount on your paycheck. Ask questions such:

“How can I add more value to this team?”

Gather performance review examples to check out how management evaluates execution and accomplishments, as well as check previous reviews to determine whether you’ve addressed areas for improvement or received any commendations for work.

Seeking A Better Position Elsewehere

If you’re finding limited to no growth at your current company, consider whether it’s time to move on to a company that offers better career opportunities. If your personal skill sets are moving beyond what your current company needs, decide whether to it’s time to broaden your horizons and find a company aligned with your career growth.

Research companies that have a need for those responsibilities, and brush up on your interview skills, update your resume, and establish an online profile.

Expand Networking 

It’s important to connect with individuals outside of your regular work contacts. This not only expands your range of career opportunities but also begins a conversation with individuals who may be invaluable sources of information about work-life balance, career education, and employment opportunities.

Online networking sites such as LinkedIn are important resources to utilize, and a variety are available for interacting with like-minded individuals on similar career paths. 

Personal Goals

Achieving your goals requires balance in all areas- clear thinking, emotional endurance, and a sense of inner peace. If you find that you are experiencing stress-related symptoms, this can have a profound effect on your health and emotional well-being.

Get Active 

Stress levels may stem from the natural work ethic of people who are driven to succeed. Here are some activities that have been shown to relieve stress… 

  • Regular physical activity
  • Relaxation techniques(deep breathing, meditation, or yoga)
  • Socializing with family and friends
  • Setting aside time for hobbies
  • Manage work time more effectively

Take Some You Time

Digital technology has made it possible to complete a majority work tasks at any time no matter your location. Whenever possible, try to build in extra time to get tasks done early, and then use those extra hours to leave work early on certain days or to take a three-day weekend.

Keep Positive

Enthusiasm and optimism are emotional replacements for stress. Keeping a sense of humor, practicing gratitude and kindness, and engaging in inner dialogue that is constructive are ways to stay energized toward career goals. A positive attitude is also contagious. Upper management will take note.

Stay Motivated

At the start of each new year, we see ourselves and others around us motivated to start off strong, and this motivation carries us through a few days – sometimes weeks. 

However, as the traditional work grind sets in early in the New Year, and time constraints and fatigue set in, it’s too easy to lose momentum. Keeping goals realistic and prioritizing objectives at the start is the only way to maintain motivation. Post-date milestone markers and reminders on desk calendars and planners.


Starting 2022 with a bang requires a realistic perspective where you can successfully achieve both short- and long-term career goals. Achieving this year’s goals sets the stage for an entire career game plan replete with monetary rewards and self-fulfillment.


See how we can help propel you torwards your New Years goals by giving our office a call today!




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