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January 24, 2022by Mikerash1
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Imagine that you’re searching the internet on a mission to find new, ergonomically designed furniture for your office…

Unsurprisingly, when you hit the search button, several to millions of related results pop up. 

While there is no way you plan to sift through each displayed item, you begin by browsing through the sites that grab your attention, and further narrow your list based on the ones that hold your interest. 

What holds your attention on a website?

A static one-page site including one picture of the item and a “buy now” button?

Or is it an interactive site? One that’s visually appealing, relays information, the brand, maybe even the people and services behind the company?

Now that you’ve envisioned your favorite websites in your head, consider your own and how it will be viewed on multiple platforms with differing screen resolutions. There’s a lot at stake, and you want to ensure that you do it right to avoid falling behind. Throughout my career, I understand the challenges and potential pitfalls when guiding clients through the website development process. We not only believe that a company’s website should be an engaging front end experience, but a secured back-end built to scale.

Here are a few pointers to keep in mind as you assess your business site and move forward with implementation.


A well-designed business website provides your customer a clear description of who you are while quickly showcasing your experience and business. Remember, first impressions count as you introduce your business. You may have only a few seconds to convince your audience that they have found the right place. A site that contains elements that make it searchable alongside a memorable, yet simple domain is best. So, a call to action on the landing page, an easily navigated site map and a universal search bar are crucial guides that compel a visitor to stay longer and move deeper into the site. If you are selling a product, you may also wish to insert a chat box to allow customers to connect with a live representative in real time.


The Details

To get a better understanding of the power of your website, think of an iceberg. On the surface, the iceberg contains just enough visual information to tell you exactly what it is. As you descend into the deep, however, you become amazed at the unexpected detail and depth of its structure. 

Think of your home page as the surface of the iceberg. Top-line information, the who, what, where, when, why and how, should be clearly organized, accessible and easily digestible. Seekers taking a deep dive into your site should be rewarded with more complex content. You increase leverage with customers by providing white papers, case studies, financial performance and other metrics to express worth and differentiate yourself in the market.

Developing and Editing

Developing a site from scratch is where business analysis, creativity and technology are of equal importance. Consider the following:

  • What are your business goals? 
  • Will you be selling a product through the site?
  • Will you be selling a service through the site?
  • Is your customer base international, requiring multilingual translations?

A business analysis is critical before you begin the design process.

When revising an existing website, on the other hand, it’s important to ask, “What problem am I trying to fix?” An existing website requires careful analysis. You don’t want to jump in and start moving nodes and pages without a comprehensive look-through. It’s important to have a clear idea of your website’s traffic and use since you may want to highlight areas that already receive high traffic. You can place analytic tools in the back end of the site for a few weeks to allow time to gather and study the data.

Different Platforms

One thing that may not be clear to many is the distinction between a website that is optimized for mobile and one that is designed for a mobile experience. A website built for mobile may be pared down, contain less dynamic visual content and/or be structured for easier access on that screen resolution. This goes beyond responsive design. Keep in mind that today half of all websites are experienced on a mobile device. Many use their smartphones as their sole computer. My advice is to make sure your website can deliver a true mobile experience versus one that is just “mobile-optimized.” Many businesses recognize this trend and are designing for mobile-first right out of the gate.

It’s What’s Underneath

The back end is critical to continuity of your business. Hosting and security are usually perceived as ways to cut costs, but you should never do this. With the rapid increase of malicious bots designed to bring down websites like yours every day, your server and security matter. Given the 24-hour surveillance needed to safeguard critical infrastructure, hosting fees earn their keep.

In line with this, you may want to avoid “website builder” platforms bundled with inexpensive hosting. Although you may save initially, those templated sites are not easily portable when your needs move beyond their capabilities, and the entire website may need to be rebuilt. You will face escalated costs upgrading to a more sophisticated and secure website.

Although it may seem daunting to develop an effective business website that meets your needs today and anticipates for tomorrow, it is do-able. You know your business best, so it is a matter of working with a capable team and articulating your goals and needs to develop an engaging, safe and secure online presence.

Final Thoughts

If you haven’t mapped out your company’s website in a while, chances are that you will struggle to attract and retain visitors. Fresh content increases the exposure of your site in search engine results while improving the overall quality of your site. When visitors see relevant content, they feel more inclined to return.

If you’re like most business owners, you didn’t choose to work 80-hour workweeks to master the complex internet sphere on top of that; yet somehow, you feel like you’re expected to. Web design, social media, SEO, learning how to analyze your data insights-it’s overwhelming, and you just want to focus on your business.

Here at MCDA CCG, Inc., we couldn’t agree more, and our digital marketing services will provide the freedom to do so. Headquartered in Placentia, Orange County, California, our digital marketing experts can provide you with a customized web design plan which aligns with you and your business.

Give us a call at our headquarters, message us on social media (@mcdaccginc) or simply reach out to our team here: Get in touch

When you trust us to run the back and front end of your business, you free up more of your time to focus on what matters most; contact us today!


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