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January 28, 2022by Mikerash0

What is one thing you wish someone taught you when you were getting your professional start?

Is it advice on achieving a particular career goal?

Tips on how to be more assertive in the workplace?

Or maybe a clear-cut strategy to make better decisions?

Whatever your situation, it’s usually something that you had to learn the hard way. 

As we wrap up National Mentoring Month 2022, we invite you to tap into any of your previous vulnerabilities and use the lessons you have learned to help those who are just getting their start. 

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I am a strong believer that you should always be both learning and you should always be teaching. 

Whatever your position – entrepreneur, CEO, Director, Manager, etc. – you learn new tips and tricks in your niche on a daily basis. Eventually, the time will come when you can help out someone in the same place you were starting out- at the bottom. 

Below is a list of the fulfilling perks of being a mentor as well as a mentee…

Benefits of Being a Mentor
  1. Giving Back

There was once a time where you were bright eyed, bushy tailed and ready to take on the world- except you didn’t know where to start. 

Sharing the lessons you’ve learned along the way can be an excellent way to give back. You’ll be helping a budding entrepreneur along their journey and/or an employee advance in their career all while enhancing the professional world by educating others.

2. Become a better leader

Managerial skills are usually learned through events of trial and error and learning how to delegate tasks can be especially difficult.

Refine your skills by scheduling time to focus on your mentee and giving them your utmost attention during those times.

3. Keep up on the latest trends

The good thing about discussing professional skills with someone eager to learn is keeping up with the latest trends.

You may be knowledgeable in specific areas, but it’s nearly impossible to keep up with the ever-changing world on a daily basis. There’s always a new app or site to explore, and perhaps your mentee will be able to offer some insight into these areas.

While many of us feel as though we are the leading authority in our field, the key to outpacing your competition is to always be learning. Soak up as much information as possible, and your business won’t ever go stale.

Benefits of Being a Mentee

1. Self confidence

Nothing boosts your self-confidence like strategic advice from a professional in your field.

Learning from the best gives you an advantage over the competition, and with that comes a healthy dose of self-confidence.

2. Learn how to respond to feedback

We all know that it can sometimes be tough hearing feedback on your hard work, but learning how to take constructive criticism will only benefit you in the long run.

You’re not doing everything correctly all of the time and having an outsider’s point of view on a project can be the difference between making it and breaking it.

3. Build contacts

Think of taking on a mentor as a privilege. If someone is willing to take time out of their chaotic schedule to build you personally and professionally, you have to respect that.

One of the greatest benefits of being in this type of relationship is the connections made in the process. Your mentor will want to see you succeed, and they may introduce you to key players along the road. Consider every introduction as a possible business associate and tend to those relationships accordingly.

Wrapping Up

As we near the end of National Mentoring Month, we ask that you continue to enhance the professional world through continuous education and taking valuable lessons learned to teach others.

After all, mentorship is the gift that keeps on giving.

And if you find yourself with questions related to mentorship or are just looking for general mentoring direction, know that we are here to do our part to help you. Give our office (headquartered in Placentia, Orange County, California) a call, send us an email or go ahead and message us on our social media (@mcdaccginc.)


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