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January 31, 2022by Mikerash0
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Free money 
Support your small business 
No strings attached

What’s the catch?

We work with small business owners on the daily, and while some are completely unaware these financial offers exist, others choose to disregard them completely – for no other reason other than it’s time-consuming. Ultimately, it’s not so much a catch, but rather more of a missed opportunity. 

However, you have to think: if you’re not taking advantage of this free money, who is?

Most likely, your competitors. 

Small Business Grants 2022

A grant is financial assistance that is gifted to a person, business, nonprofit, or corporation from federal, state, county, or local governments, or private businesses or corporations. There are a number of companies, nonprofits, and government agencies providing essentially free money to small business owners in the form of a small business grant. 

The best part? Grants do not require repayment.

(Did you take advantage of any of last month’s grants? Local Small Business Grants Opportunities 2022)

You don’t have to make your pitch on “Shark Tank,” refinance your home, or take out small business loans to take the next step in your entrepreneurial journey — business grants may help you get there, if you know where to look and how to apply.

Last Chance to Apply for These Small Business Grants with a February Deadline

Read on for small business grants due in February.

Northeast Dairy Business Innovation Center

The Northeast Dairy Business Innovation Center provides grant opportunities for dairy businesses in ten northeastern states. The organization’s most recent opportunity is its Dairy Food Safety & Certification Grants, where funds can be used to cover expenses relating to food safety and testing. Applications are due February 3.


Fintech lender EnrichHER is currently running its first $5,000 small business grant contest for women and entrepreneurs of color. Funds can be used for various operational needs, like new equipment or payroll support. Applications are due by February 3.

Iowa City Matching Grants

Iowa City is offering matching grants to select small businesses in the city. Businesses with no employees may qualify for up to $2,000 and those with employees may be eligible for up to $5,000. Funds can be used for one-time expenses like website development or legal expertise. And at least 51 percent of recipients must be companies founded by women, minorities, veterans, or individuals with disabilities. Applications are due by February 4th. 

Chicago Founders First Grants

Founders First is a Chicago-based organization that supports underrepresented businesses. The organization’s latest grant program will support 30 businesses, giving out a total of $100,000 and access to a business accelerator program. To qualify, businesses must have fewer than 20 employees, and the founder must be Black, indigenous, a person of color, a woman, a veteran, or a member of the LGBTQ+ community. Applications are due by February 4th. 


Beaverton COVID-19 Relief Grants

Beaverton, Oregon offers relief grants to businesses with fewer than 25 employees that have been negatively impacted by COVID-19. Businesses can use grant funds for various expenses, including utilities, inventory, and rent. Grants are intended for businesses still losing money due to COVID, like restaurants, bars, gyms, and salons. February 4 is the last day to apply.

California Paid Family Leave Grants

The California Employment Training Panel and the California Labor and Workforce Development Agency provide grant funds to support family leave as part of an ongoing program. Small businesses with 50 employees or fewer may apply for $2,000 to cover expenses accrued when an employee uses the state’s Paid Family Leave Program. And businesses with between 51 and 100 employees can apply for $1,000 for each of these employees. Applications for the current round are due February 8th. 


Connecticut Equity Match Grant Program

JPMorgan Chase and Connecticut’s Women’s Business Development Council have partnered to support the state’s small businesses. The Equity Match Grant Program includes $300,000 in grants for women-owned businesses. Eligible companies can apply for between $2,500 and $10,000 to cover operational expenses or expansion. Applications are due by February 13th. 


Indiana Technical Assistance Program

The Indiana Small Business Development Center recently began accepting applications for the latest round of its Indiana Technical Assistance Program. The statewide program offers up to $15,000 in professional services and connects eligible businesses with relevant services. Businesses can use the funds for any project that requires technical expertise. Applications are due by February 20th. 


Voodle Visionaries Grant Contest

Video messaging platform Voodle is launching its Visionaries Grant Contest. Female, non-binary, and/or BIPOC founders are eligible to submit a 60-second video to apply for a $10,000 grant and promotional support. The deadline to submit a video is February 25. The top ten videos will then be judged, but only one winner will get the $10,000.

Kern County Relief Grants

Kern County, California offers a grant opportunity for local businesses that haven’t already received relief funds. The current round includes about $1 million, distributed in grants of $2,500. Businesses must have revenues under $50,000 and five full-time employees or fewer (as of 2019). They also must be able to prove pandemic-related losses and lack of support from other relief programs. Grants will be awarded until funds run out; the program launches in February and businesses are encouraged to apply right away.

Final Thoughts 

We’re not going to sit here and tell you that the grant process isn’t time consuming, because it is. From following the latest opportunities to preparing the necessary documentation to finally applying and hope that you have provided enough evidence, it takes up a lot of your time.

This is where you will find benefit to having someone with experience and ongoing knowledge to walk you through this process. Our team of business experts here at MCDA CCG help many of our small business clients receive the funds that are designed for them, and we can help you too. No matter your business and industry, we can take over the less exciting prep work involved in the grant process while answering any questions you have along the way. 

It doesn’t end there. Those who receive grant funds are guaranteed to stretch it further and do more with it when they have an effective financial plan in place. On the other hand, it’s common for those lacking a plan to quickly burn through their funds and find themselves in the same spot before receiving the money. Our services extend beyond the grant application process to help you create an effective financial plan to maintain your competitive edge. 

Reach out to our office today – headquartered in Placentia, Orange County California- by calling us, sending us an email, or sending your questions directly to our social media accounts. (@mcdaccginc) Don’t wait for another month’s opportunity to come and go, reach out now!

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