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February 18, 2022by Mikerash1
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Trends are everywhere, when was the last time you wore that pastel blazer?


While hopping on the most recent trend can be a great way to create some quick buzz around your business, pivoting too far off course isn’t always the best long-term decision. 

Actually, what usually ends up happening when trying to profit from what’s trending is a waste of time and resources in the end. Here are reasons why it’s actually better to stay the course with your business and let the latest fads pass you by. 

Trends Can Cost You More in the Long Run

Before jumping on the latest bandwagon, question if your business can really afford the time, money and other resources you need to make it work for you. With every trend, expect that there will be a learning curve and a possibility you will need to purchase new tools. 

Trends are named for a reason; they fade away in time. In most cases, you would have made more money from just sticking to a good plan than spending even more resources on a fad with questionable outcomes. 

You Run the Risk of Damaging Your Reputation

Strategic business thinking is all about the long term, therefore, it’s important to consider the impact of your company’s image when supporting new fads that may soon lose interest. Also, this sudden tone shift may demonstrate a lack of consistency in your brand messaging. 

To build a brand that’s memorable, stick to the fundamentals of your business and stay focused on your core mission.

Your Business May Lose Focus

Expanding on long term success, chasing trends usually steers businesses off track. As a result, budgets and employees are spread too thin, and the business takes a hit. If the trend doesn’t pan out or if it’s not a huge success, then the business has lost time and money as well as traction in its core focus.

It’s hard to recoup that lost traction and win back your market share. In other words, don’t undo everything you’ve worked for so far by chasing a fad you have no control over. 

Your Business Will No Longer Be Timeless

Remember when Beanie Babies were a hot trend? Everyone started selling them until one fateful day they disappeared. The trend came to an abrupt end and the sellers with leftover Beanie Babies were stuck with the advertising that focused on this one product.

Yes, it’s important to find your niche, but the niche should be one that is timeless. Find this and you will avoid spending unnecessary funds, changing out your social media and you’re branding to replace a trend than it will to just maintain a steady course in the first place. 

You May Detract from Your Authenticity

While we can always expect to see trends come and go, your authentic story will stand the test of time. The way you make people feel from the moment they encounter your brand to the final step in the checkout process is what they will remember. From the warm employees to the friendly team to the authentic owner behind it all, the customer experience is what your consumers will remember. 


What are your thoughts on trends? Leave your thoughts below!

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