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Clearly, there is a lot of attention on the growing gig economy as workers continue to create their ideal arrangements and businesses benefit by embracing the future of work. 

While we have explored and outlined the direct benefits to hiring a virtual assistant, the whole process of finding the right one for you can be tedious and time-consuming.

In fact, many businesses and owners take several weeks – sometimes even months – to find the right virtual assistant! This not only delays the hiring, but it also continues to waste more of your time, money and resources. However, if you choose to employ a systemic approach from the very beginning, you can expect a seamless process. 

  1. Understanding your needs

This is the most important aspect of hiring a virtual assistant. You should have a clear idea of the tasks you wish to delegate.

  2. Interviewing Prospective VAs

If you plan to hire a Virtual Assistant from a reputable service agency, you will not have to go through this step. All you need to do is tell your needs to your trusted outsourced provider and let them take on the time-consuming process. 

On the other hand, if you plan to hire a freelance virtual assistant, it’s critical that you interview your prospective VAs to reduce risk. 

  3. Matching the Skills of VAs with Job Descriptions

The VA you are going to hire must have skill sets that the job demands. Most of the leading virtual assistant agencies offer a free trial of their virtual assistants. So, you will not face any problem if you decide to hire a virtual assistant from a reputed virtual assistant agency.

However, you should assess the skills of prospective virtual assistants if you plan to hire a virtual assistant.

Where to Find a Virtual Assistant

When it comes to hiring a virtual assistant, you have the following options: freelance platforms and virtual assistant agencies. While each option has its own unique advantages, we want you to be aware of the increased risks involved 

Let take a moment to discuss each platform individually:

Freelance Platforms

There are mainly four websites where you can search for a freelance virtual assistant:

  1. Upwork

With around twelve million registered freelancers and over five million clients, Upwork is the biggest freelance marketplace in the world. You can review profiles and portfolios of freelancing virtual assistants and review their past performances.

  1. Guru

With around 1.5 million members worldwide, Guru is another freelance marketplace to review. 

  1. VA Networking

This platform is a social network for virtual assistants where you can submit you job to the VA job board.

Virtual Assistant Provider 

Virtual assistant agencies are the companies that have VAs on board and offer them for hiring. A leading in the virtual assistant space, like our team at MCDA CCG, hires and trains virtual assistants for a wide spectrum of tasks in every industry. Whether you want to hire a virtual assistant for social media management or administrative tasks, a good virtual assistant provider has the right fit for you. 

DIY Vs Outsourced Provider

A virtual assistant agency is more professional outsourcing set-up. If you do not want to work with a virtual assistant directly and do not have time to provide your VA with essential training, it will be better if you choose a virtual assistant agency over a freelance virtual assistant.

Why an Outsourced Provider is More Effective

The biggest disadvantage of working with a freelance virtual assistant is you will never know if your VA will suddenly vanish and leave you in the dark.

It’s not uncommon for freelance virtual assistant to leave without notice after an employer spends time hiring and training them. On the other hand, working with a reputable Virtual Assistant provider avoids these shortcomings while allowing you to ask for a replacement if you are not satisfied.

Here is a list of the top benefits that you can avail by hiring a virtual assistant from a reputed agency:

  • A good virtual assistant provider offers free consultations to help you find the right VA based on your unique needs.
  • A good provider has experienced VAs on board that have gone through a screening process and have been background checked. 
  • A virtual assistant provider offers you demonstrated plans to scale up your business operations.
  • Your data is safe with a good virtual assistant agency.
Final Thoughts

Remember, you are looking for a Virtual Assistant to reduce your workload and give you back hours of your time. So why would you spend weeks or months going through the tedious hiring process on your own? 

As you can see, you have two options when it comes to hiring a virtual assistant, doing it on your own or seeking guidance from a professional provider.  Keep in mind that there is always heightened level of risk involved with doing it on your own. 

We understand that your goal is to save money and more of your time, that’s why our MCDA CCG team of advisors offer free consultations and affordable rates to ensure your satisfaction. See why employers and business owners of all sizes are choosing us for their virtual assistant needs. Call us today!


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