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April 8, 2022by Mikerash0

Have you heard of the term, “Work Hard, Play Hard”? Not a lot of people tend to agree with this statement. This comes to play on Fridays after employees are burned out and exhausted from the busy work week.  

One of the best ways to boost employee productivity is ensuring that the work environment is fun. A fun office environment encourages employees to work harder and have more fun. If the office has fun Fridays, employees are more motivated and productive. The first step to creating fun Fridays is finding your own sense of enjoyment.

A resilient corporate culture should also not underestimate the impact of laughter and fun on stress relief, camaraderie among co-workers, and creativity under pressure.

Each Friday, break up the day in the office with a game that relieves stress and stimulates creativity. When times get stressful at work, it is possible to keep a work-life balance by playing a few fun Friday office games. Everybody just wants to relax at the end of a long week.

Here are just a few ways to start creating that fun workplace culture on Fridays:

  • BBQs
  • Monthly yoga in the office
  • A costume contest
  • Pizza parties
  • Foosball or Flag Football
  • Office potluck
  • Bring your pet to work, Fridays

Each of these items will offer your employees a chance to take a break and relax from a much needed hectic workweek. Our personal favorite? The yoga option!

Have you heard of trapeze yoga? It’s actually Orange County’s only Trapeze Yoga Studio! 


How the Yoga Trapeze Helps


  • It offers what you wouldn’t usually get in a mat session by building strength in the posterior chain and the upper body
  • It serves as a tool to modify, deepen or enhance traditional yoga poses that can be either less accessible or trickier on the mat
  • It can be utilized as a tool for spinal traction using your own body weight. Traction is important for all spines, healthy or healing, because it allows the bones of the spine to separate. This releases muscle tension and allows room for fluid and nutrient circulation in the vertebral disks – creating the optimal environment for healing


It’s the perfect destresser for employees! Also, they are having some killer deals for memberships. This is such an awesome option for Fun Fridays!


Final Thoughts

If companies do not integrate fun into their work, they experience absenteeism, decreased job satisfaction, and lower productivity. So, what’s your plan to inject more fun into your workplace every Friday?

Check out options for your company or yourself today!

Good Moodra Yoga


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