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Would you consider starting a learning development project without the people you need to finish it? The hiring company benefits from staff augmentation. Employees in-house can continue dealing with the existing workflow without having to change anything. 

Staff augmentation allows you to increase the expertise of your learning departments without having to hire full-time employees. During projects, experts are based at your company.   

By hiring staff augmentation specialists, you can ensure that your project is completed on time and ensure that the employees are chosen according to their skill sets, experience, and competency.


When To Consider Training Staff Augmentation?


What is the best time for an organization to expand its internal training team?  This article discusses the scenarios in which organizations prefer to utilize staff augmentation. 

  1. Additional Staff – The addition of additional staff can assist organizations who already have an in-house training team but have a short project timeline.  This allows the work to be completed on time.
  2. Specialized Skills – In certain projects, augmentation of staff can be extremely beneficial if organizations require specialized training skills. 
  3. Team Control – The pace and quality of a project typically remain under the control of organizations, but assistance is needed to meet project requirements. An organization can assign tasks to contractors and direct their work with the help of training staff augmentation.   This ensures that you now have full control of your timeline and the quality of work that’s produced. They have full control over the timeline and quality of the work.
  4. Short Term Need- When you have a short-term project it doesn’t make sense to go out and hire full-time employees just for that project. With optioning for staff augmentation now you can ramp up your project right away instead of having sitting ducks waiting for a next assignment.


Reduced Costs

We’ve provided a cost breakdown for the average amount of savings that staff augmentation can cover along with associated savings that a vender can offer to their clients:

  • Systems Engineer: About 48.77% Cost Savings
  • QA Specialists: Around 55% Cost Savings
  • Help Desk: Approx. 46.14% Cost Savings
  • Software Developer: over 52% Cost Savings

As the staff will be working remotely, further cuts in salaries can be made by reducing the expenditures related to office space, computers, and equipment.


What Are the Benefits of Augmenting Your Team?


  1. Scalability – Staff augmentation training allows you to hire the right people when you need them to fulfill tight deadlines. Swiftly increase your crew for your training project, then quickly shrink your team after it’s finished, all without the negative consequences of firing full-time employees.
  2. Recruiting – Using a staff augmentation service helps businesses to cut down on the time it takes to seek and hire new employees. Organizations may quickly hire essential individuals with specific experience, deploy them to the project, and avoid costly project delays. Contracting also saves money on recruiting since it eliminates time spent writing and publishing job ads, sifting through resumes, interviewing applicants, conducting team interviews, and onboarding new hires.
  3. Specialized Skills –Staff augmentation enables you to secure the specific capabilities you want at the precise time you require them. There’s no need to cram a full-time candidate’s skills into the project’s needs. 
  4. Outsource Personnel Acquisition – You may focus on controlling your project’s schedule, quality, and assignment by outsourcing employee acquisition. Meanwhile   you can focus on your project, while the staff augmentation provider manages human resource acquisition functions such as scheduling, benefits, and projects start to finish.
  5. Cost Savings – It might be pricey to hire full-time employees. You’re essentially paying for extra employees all year when you might only really need them for a few weeks to a few months. This is when you hire support just in time for your project.
  6. Reduced Risk –By bringing on skillful experts in any particular task, you now have training staff improving your risks. It is much more troublesome to start over accompanying a full-period operator. The risk is more reduced in the model’s adaptability. You can hurry and speed a resource when wanted and eliminate them when whole is achieved.


Final Thoughts

Bringing on additional staff is a good way for organizations to decrease prices and still hold essential resources to boost productivity. 

Are you interested in achieving your training goals by hiring a training staff augmentation firm? Let us know your situation – we’d be happy to discuss it.

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