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July 29, 2022by Mikerash0

How Google Reviews Can Help Your Business

When you hire a new business, what is the first thing you do? Your first step is probably to search them on Google. Google reviews play an important role in customer decision making. Over 60% check reviews online before visiting a business. In order to commit to your company, they want to hear what other customers have to say about it.

In order to succeed in your business, you must put effort into getting Google reviews. Whenever you search for a business on Google, the first thing you see are its reviews and average rating, and if these are bad, potential customers are likely to look elsewhere.


Why Do Google Reviews Matter?


On the Google platform, customers can leave reviews about businesses. In Google Maps or when searching for directions, review information is one of the first things a user sees.

The only requirement for leaving a review is a Google account, which is free.


The Importance of Google Reviews


People pay attention to Google reviews because it is the most trusted and most used search engine. They are important because:

  • Your business will be more visible online if you use them. Good reviews will increase the likelihood of someone visiting your website or business.
  • Search engine optimization benefits from them. A website with good reviews will rank higher in search engine results because Google can see that you offer a good customer experience and are popular. You become more relevant when you have good reviews. Having good reviews will improve your search engine ranking as Google’s algorithm strives to provide the most relevant results.
  • In your Google Business Profile, you can see the star rating based on your average rating. Your business listing will get more clicks if it has 4 or 5 stars.
  • Your company can benefit from receiving essential feedback through these tools. By getting customer feedback, you learn how other people perceive your business and identify improvements you can make.
  • Trust in brands is enhanced by good reviews. Reviews found on your Google Business Profile are trusted because Google is trusted.

Review your reviews regularly in order to stay on top of them. To improve your customer experience, you can resolve recurring customer service issues and other complaints.


How to get and respond to Google reviews


1. Register Your Business on Google My Business


Claiming your Google Business Profile is the first step. Your business will likely already appear in local searches and Google Maps if you’ve been in business for a while. You may even have reviews.

The more easily people can find and review you, the more likely they are to leave an online review. The steps are as follows:

  • Your business’ name can be found by doing a Google search.
  • You can own this business by clicking on the “Own this Business?” You will be taken to the Google Business Profile claim area once you do this.
  • Once your business has been verified by Google, it will appear on their search results. Your profile will be able to be edited once it has been verified.
  • The description of your business can be accompanied by photos. Don’t overdo it with keywords or use ones that aren’t relevant to your business but include a few. You could be penalized if you do this.


2. Ask Customers for Their Opinions


Getting lots of great reviews is not something you can leave to chance; customers are usually driven to write a review when they have had a negative experience. Providing excellent customer service is the first step toward having satisfied customers. Request reviews on Google from your customers. Email or text are both acceptable methods of communication. Make it easier for your customers by including a link to your business profile.

Be careful when choosing a time to contact your customers, don’t wait until weeks later after they have purchased from you, or you may lose their interest. After someone purchases from you, you should ask for a review. If you think they will be available to write a review, approach them then. It is best to schedule an appointment early in the morning or late in the afternoon. If necessary, provide the reviewer with a template.

A review request can also be sent automatically after a purchase can be automated with your e-commerce platform.

The last thing you should never do is buy reviews. As a result of this, Google will penalize you and drop your ranking if they suspect you are doing this.


3. Give Customers Instructions on How to Leave a Review


It’s worth explaining the process to new customers who aren’t familiar with leaving reviews. Among the things they must do are:

  • Their Gmail account must be logged in
  • Use Google or Google Maps to find your business
  • Review the section by clicking on it
  • Choose the number of stars and write a comment
  • Click the “post” button


4.  Appreciate the Reviews Left by Your Customers


Reviews should be responded to. You should thank your customers for good reviews to show that you care about what they think about you. In response to any negative reviews, respond openly and without being defensive, showing that you are prepared to make things right and take responsibility for what you have done wrong.


5. Send the Link to A Google Review


Share a link to your business page with your customers so they can easily leave a review. The following steps can be taken:

  • Find your Google Place ID by using the Google Place ID finder
  • “Enter a location” by typing your company name
  • Drop-down menu to choose your company
  • You can copy the link to your place ID


Bad Reviews: How to Remove Them


An unfair or inaccurate review may be given to you. The review can be flagged as inappropriate by clicking the report button. Negative reviews aren’t going to be deleted by Google unless they violate one of their policies, so don’t expect them to delete them.

If A frustrated customer’s review is nothing to report. Instead, you should reply to it, try to resolve his issues, and ask him to remove or edit the review. You need to check your Google reviews frequently if you want to get the best results.




Getting good reviews on Google matters. Having them gives your business credibility, increases click-through rates, and boosts your ranking in the search engine results.

The Google reviews of your business are therefore very important. Monitor your reviews, respond to positive and negative reviews, and encourage customers to leave good reviews.




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