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August 4, 2022by Mikerash0

Mixer Hosts: 3 Keys to Success

Meeting fellow business professionals, developing business relationships, and socializing with like-minded people can all be accomplished at business mixers (also called networking events). Business mixers are excellent venues for establishing brand identity and spreading awareness of new products and services among company owners, executives, and employees. You can put your company on the map with these insider tips on how to hold a successful mixer!


A Location That Works


In addition to budget, there are a number of other factors that affect your business mixer. The mixer can also be held in your office if you have limited funds, so you can save money while introducing outsiders to your shop or workplace, but space or seating might limit the number of attendees. It may be more feasible to rent an event venue as opposed to an office – these types of venues often include many amenities needed for your event, such as a bar, catering services, service staff, and presentation equipment (such as projectors, PA systems, microphones, etc.).


The Guest List: Creating it


You should always start broad and then narrow your guest list as needed, regardless of where you decide to host your mixer. Who should be invited to a mixer should also be determined by the reasons why you would like to host it. You run a service-based business, so are you trying to find new clients? Invite everyone in the community you think would benefit from the service, especially prominent leaders, influences, and members of the press. Would a Chamber of Commerce encourage more cooperation between local businesses by finding other companies to partner with? Don’t invite anyone else besides business leaders and employees.


Make Your Guests Feel at Home


Business mixers might sound interesting as long as there are games, speeches, and live performances, but many attendees might not enjoy an afternoon or evening full of non-stop activities. Make your program short rather than extensive, so that most of the time can be spent mingling rather than watching long presentations. You can raise money and encourage people to stay longer by holding a raffle with prizes donated by local businesses (“you only win if you’re here when we draw your number!”). Silent auctions are another excellent way to raise money without interfering with the primary focus of the event: networking.




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