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Hosting a work event is a combination of a lot of planning, errands to be run, time management, set-up time and much more that goes into it. Holding an event at your workplace is either a

Hosting a work event is a combination of a lot of planning, errands to be run, time management, set-up time and much more that goes into it. Holding an event at your workplace is either a great time or can cause stress on the business due to having to rearrange your workday- in order to incorporate this event. Rather it’s moving meetings, having to stay later than anticipated, etc.

After all is said and done and your event is set-up and ready to go, the only thing that ruins it and all your hard work is individuals who show up and are rude during the entire event. It sometimes puts a big damper on the event and can change the atsmpehere’s mood to match your rude guests’ energy. In spite of this, you don’t want to be provoked by someone’s disrespectful behavior, even if you can’t control it. With that being said, sometimes you question “Well, what should I do?” 

You can always use these tried-and-true methods to effectively deal with rude people, regardless of whether they are a grumpy coworker, a crotchety stranger, or an acquaintance from a networking group.




There seems to be something natural about rudeness in humans. Our complaints about disrespectful and ill-mannered individuals have been going on since the dawn of time. Plato famously discussed it in his dialogues. Many people are prone to becoming habitually rude. Kindness, sympathy, and understanding are often overlooked or forgotten by us.

It is a known fact that rude behavior triggers more negative behavior. We can recognize the importance of putting an end to these negative behaviors if we can see how they hamper our productivity, our happiness, and our health. There is no new concept of rudeness, but we do not have to continue to do so.


If someone is being rude or disrespectful at your event, just know you shouldn’t be surprised by this. There isn’t anything you can do to change the individual, but you can ignore this rude behavior and try to continue on with a happy and upbeat mindset that will hopefully flow and counteract this person negative energy. 




Putting up with rude behavior is like letting a disease spread. In the wake of one rude act, there is likely to be other acts of rudeness, which will spread foul tempers and poor behavior.

This is easily understandable. 

A rude individual is at your event and constantly mentioning things that are rude and making comments that are degrading and hurtful, it can cause you to be upset or frustrated. 

The spiral of snapping at your guests without any real reason makes them feel worse. Guests feel miffed, become grumpy, and act rudely towards one another. The cycle continues.

Putting an end to this cycle of rudeness is in your power. By showing empathy, rudeness can be defused.

When an individual keeps going, just politely tell them that their negative behavior is affecting the rest of the guests. Make them aware of their own negative behavior. This will help stop the spiral of it continuing to grow on other guests. 

A friendly and positive attitude is important when dealing with rude or negative behavior. If you give them this time, they can calm down and adjust their behavior to match yours. Rudeness can be countered by kindness.




Putting them on notice that their behavior is rude will stop the spiral of rudeness. You should address someone’s persistent rudeness directly if you can’t escape them. Taking abuse from others is not necessary. Respect shouldn’t be treated disrespectfully by anyone.

Take a moment to talk about what’s going on. Are they aware of the hurt their actions cause? He or she may not be aware of how rude they are. As a result of being aware, the person has the opportunity to apologize and try to be more polite in the future.




It’s not uncommon for people to act as they do because they have ulterior motives. Observe rude behavior when people use it to display their power or assert dominance. You may feel like they’re trying to make you look bad by provoking a reaction. Allow them to see your anger, but don’t let it satisfy them.




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