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August 24, 2022by Mikerash1
US Based Virtual Assistants
MCDA CCG US Based Virtual Assistants

We are asked all of the time – What are virtual assistants and virtual assistant services?  We put together our list of Top 5 Virtual Assistant Services.  Let’s get into this…

First, A virtual assistant is a person who offers various services to a business or entrepreneur, remotely.  Virtual assistants assist you with administrative work, social media, marketing and other tasks.  As a result, virtual assistants free up the owner, manager, or entrepreneur’s time by taking on recurring tasks and administrative work.

Virtual assistant services are the responsibilities or duties that a virtual assistant offers to you.  These services include personal tasks from administrative tasks, or digital marketing to social media management, or managing calendars or generating reports, the list goes on.

Here is our list of The Top 5 Virtual Assistant Services:


Labor costs and administrative support costs can be a major burden on small businesses in terms of time and resources. Administrative tasks such as email management, invoicing, answering customer inquiries, and FAQs can eat up a lot of small business owner’s time, reducing their ability to focus on other vital aspects of their businesses. That’s where a virtual assistant can come in handy. They can perform any job you need them to do, from account manager to marketer to project manager. A virtual assistant functions similarly to a personal assistant, except they work remotely.


One of the most inconvenient tasks most entrepreneurs avoid is data entry. Data entry tasks completed under distraction and time pressure cause emotional irritation, making it difficult for people to enter the data correctly. This task can easily be outsourced to a virtual assistant. For entrepreneurs, virtual assistants for data entry are a lifeline. Their services can save you both time and money.

Virtual assistant services for data entry tasks include:

  • Preparation, compilation, and sorting of data for entry
  • Verifying the accuracy of data
  • Data management (updating data, deleting unnecessary files)
  • Tracking and managing tasks and activities
  • Inputting data into the CRM system and generating a report


Growth strategies for companies generally rely heavily on research. The only way to grow is to gain some solid insights. Small business owners have difficulty devoting hours to research while running their company. To conduct research, you need someone who thrives at data crunching.

Virtual assistants have the capability to:

  • Keep track of competitors’ products and services
  • Monitor consumer trends
  • Look for press release formats
  • Analyze affiliate program applications
  • Research social media strategies of competitors

That’s a lot of research work; therefore, it isn’t a good idea to assign it to someone who already has other duties. Hiring virtual assistant services for research is an excellent option since they do not have any other responsibilities; they can solely concentrate on gathering and analyzing data saving you a lot of time and energy.


Both inbound and outbound calling services have its value for a business. Inbound calling is essential for companies to handle customer inquiries and complaints, whereas outbound calling services are crucial for bringing in new clients. Also, lead generation and outbound telemarketing services are excellent means of promoting one’s product or service.

Inbound calling services include:

  • 24/7 call support
  • Helpdesk support
  • Technical support by experts
  • Bilingual or multilingual support

Outbound calling services include:

  • Lead generation
  • Telemarketing
  • Product launch
  • Polls and surveys
  • Appointment setting


Customer support or Chat/Email Support was one of the first fields to incorporate virtual assistant services. Because customers do not interact with you in person, instead they contact you through email or chats, so you do not need an in-house customer representative. Also, most customer service interactions focus on dealing with issues that can be addressed easily from manuals or guides.  It takes a short amount of time for virtual assistance to learn about everything you offer. They can provide Chat/Email support to answer any questions that arise.

At MCDA CCG we have a full staff of U.S. based virtual assistants ready to tackle any work that you have.  Our V.A.’s can be onboarded within 24 hours and put to work immediately.  We offer hourly and packaged pricing.  Contact us today and let us customize a package that is right for you!


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