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January 20, 2023by nicoleevansmcda0

A well-targeted, effectively executed Ecommerce email marketing campaign can make the difference between a lead becoming a conversion for your company or the sale going to one of your competitors. Is your email marketing plan working as effectively as it possibly can?

In addition to making sure that your emails appeal to your target audience, a well-thought-out strategy should also consider how other marketing channels might reinforce what you’re doing. For instance, social media is an excellent example of a platform that can be used to strengthen your email marketing efforts without necessitating more marketing funding.

Why Social Media is a Great Way to Improve Your Email Marketing Strategy

Growing an online business may be done in many different ways. One method to start to create more positive momentum for your Ecommerce business is to have a solid digital marketing strategy, such as one that prominently utilizes social media and email marketing.

Supercharged audience engagement is a real possibility when email and social media marketing are speaking to each other directly. Here are four methods to use social media to improve your email marketing approach:

1) Improve Engagement by Turning Social Media Followers into Email List Subscribers

An important distinction between an email subscriber list and social media followers is ownership. An email subscriber list belongs to the company, whereas social media followers are the property of (and reliant upon) the platform it is on. An email master list can be divided into distinct audience segments, each of which can be targeted with particular content in an effort to increase engagement, so long as you adhere to all GDPR standards. This kind of targeting on social media is only possible through paid ad campaigns, which can be both competitive and expensive to sustain.

Given this, it’s crucial to look into how social media can expand your internal email master list. Start by attempting to convert as many social media followers as you can into email subscribers. When done well, it can significantly increase the open and click through rates for your mailer campaign.

Hard sell messaging is not likely to be effective in this situation. While occasionally posting a subtly worded request for sign-ups won’t harm, rewarding your followers will probably produce better results. Doing so can also assist you in expanding the reach of your emails, as you’ll see in a moment.

2) Incentivize Social Media Sharing to Widen the Reach of Your Email Content

There are various ways to entice your social media audience to join your mailing list without having to beg them to do so, from prizes and discounts to providing access to unique material or special benefits. These can be used as incentives to persuade current subscribers to promote your email content on social media in addition to being utilized to move leads and consumers from one marketing channel to another. This increases the audience for your material in a natural way.

The majority of businesses only place social network buttons to the bottom of emails in the hopes that someone would share it with their followers. Experience (as well as analytics reports) will probably indicate that this is a bit of an anomaly. After all, even excellent content has its limits. All that is required is a bankable incentive. Ultimately, you’re asking your subscribers to perform some “heavy lifting” for you, so make it worthwhile for them.

3) Create Holistic Digital Marketing Campaigns That Incorporate Both

Email marketing and social media each serve two very distinct, predetermined roles as independent channels. The sparks really start to fly when everyone works together. No matter how big or small the promotion, ecommerce businesses should prioritize creating as many ways as possible for both to point straight towards one another.

A comprehensive (or 360 degree) approach to digital marketing initiatives makes it simpler to make this a reality. To do this, it is necessary to take into account all marketing channels that are available and investigate every opportunity for cross-promotion and relevant content repurposing. Start by making channel pairs if the number of options feels overwhelming. Small gains will quickly grow into much larger ones by combining social media with email marketing, such as presenting a webinar that is solely promoted on social media and sharing additional resources only with email list subscribers.

4) Use Social Media Analytics to Improve Email List Segments

Long-term conversion rates are considerably more likely to be attained by ecommerce organizations who take the effort to curate email master lists into distinct audience segments, targeting each with unique content for every campaign. Knowing as much as you can about your target audience will help you create the best segments and encourage them to participate as much as possible. Of course, social media analytics data is the greatest place to look for that.

Obtain reports for all paid and organic social media postings, concentrating on the ones that did the best overall. Your most engaged clients should be evident from the information, which can assist you determine whether your segmentation is accurate. Focus all of your efforts and make your emails as interactive as you can once your lists are in better form. Future PPC or SEM targeting may become more effective as a result of the analytics from these.


Now that you are fully informed about how to improve your Ecommerce email marketing plan utilizing social media, it is time to get started. You may increase engagement with your email marketing campaigns and even convert leads into customers by making sure that both of these marketing channels are always moving in the same direction. The likelihood of success increases if social media and email marketing have been incorporated into your comprehensive digital marketing strategy.


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