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March 7, 2023by nicoleevansmcda1

For a business to grow, ongoing financial planning and forecasting are essential. However, It might be challenging to complete any of these tasks thoroughly and effectively as a small business owner.  Perhaps you don’t enjoy working with numbers or think it takes time away from running your business.

Now, managing and analyzing the finances of your company doesn’t have to be a difficult task. In fact, you can position yourself for more successful and productive financial management by proactively seeking for changes.

Here are a few tips to help you better manage your business finances.

1. Invest in financial management technology

The market is flooded with apps for accounting and financial technology (fintech). Small enterprises, startups, and solopreneurs can benefit from these cutting-edge platforms by having transactions automatically logged and account balances tracked. Numerous of these solutions include the ability to create tax forms or work with tax preparation software.

In any case, there is no reason not to purchase one (or more) of these materials. By doing this, you’ll be able to more consistently manage your company’s finances while also allocating more time to the more crucial, revenue-generating duties. Do your homework, decide which accounting-related processes you can streamline, then start experimenting with fixes.

Even if you disagree strongly with the use of accounting software, you should still keep track of your business’s finances using spreadsheets so you can create basic reports. This stage is simple; for instance, banks typically allow you to export financial statements as spreadsheets. Having said that, it can take so long that hiring a freelancer for data entry and verification is worthwhile.

2. Choose and stick with an accounting method

There are various ways to keep track of your company’s finances, and most companies utilize either the accrual system or the cash method. When you modify the balances is where the two differ from one another. Whereas the accrual approach records the money on the date of sale, the cash method does it when it is received.

Although the accrual technique provides a more accurate view and might assist with taxes, there is a chance that it will deceive you into believing that you have more money than you actually do. The cash technique, on the other hand, offers a clear view of both present and historical cash flow, but it also has disadvantages because it is much more difficult to forecast from.

Whichever approach you decide on, it’s crucial to follow through. Every year, you can’t just pick and choose what’s better for the company. That’s a recipe for lost transactions and unintentional accounting fraud, both of which can land your company in legal problems.

3. Understand your financial statements

To manage your firm, you don’t have to be an accounting expert. You should, therefore, at the at least, be aware of what your financial statements are, how they work, and how they relate to one another. Your profit and loss, balance sheet, and cash flow statements are the first three fundamental financial statements to review.

The profit and loss statement gives you a general picture of how your company is doing. The balance sheet, which is based on your assets and existing debt, provides a fundamental overview of the stability and health of your company. Your cash flow statement will show you if you have the resources necessary to continue operating and pay your debts.

These statements stand alone as excellent resources for comprehending particular facets of your company. Together, they give you a clear picture of your performance, which makes it much simpler to make wise and calculated financial choices. It is much simpler to start making forecasts and actively plan for various possibilities when you take the time to comprehend them.

4. Automatically generate reports

Therefore, if you are spending all of your time getting these financial documents together, it can be challenging to assess them. When reading and amending these statements independently, it can be difficult to cross-examine them. Not to mention whether you want to include particular payroll, CMS, or other reports to provide your financial assessment more context.

So, it is frequently more beneficial to use a platform that can aggregate and automatically generate financial reports than to handle these things independently. It is now much simpler to find top-level opportunities using a single dashboard before delving into the many financial accounts.

With this functionality, you may modify what is displayed, quickly exchange information, and in some circumstances, make changes right from the report.

5. Consult an accountant

Even with the most modern tools, accounting is still challenging and time-consuming to administer. Due to how much they can vary, accountants are obliged to hold specific qualifications based on their specialty.

Even while it’s possible that your company is too tiny to warrant hiring a full-time accountant, using outsourced accounting services can be a great method to access an à la carte experience as required. Accounts payable/receivable, bank reconciliation, payroll, taxes, and other specialized services are available, as are freelancers.

By being aware of prospective legislative changes, current government policies, and rules and regulations for the current tax year, accountants can also recoup their fees in savings. You might not be aware of how many government-funded programs have been implemented as a result of major occurrences like the COVID-19 pandemic. Of course, you should still become familiar with your numbers even if you have an accountant.

Review and refine your financial management process

As the firm expands, keeping track of your finances can be challenging. But with today’s technology, small businesses and solopreneurs can accomplish more than ever before, and financial management is no exception.

Understanding your past and present performance can help you make more accurate predictions about the future and ensure the organization’s financial stability. Please make sure to come back to the steps in this procedure occasionally. You can discover that there are more chances for you to improve your methods and discover new chances for development.

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