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Accounting & special one-time projects, lingering projects, and critical analysis projects can be readily completed by consultants with the specific experience needed.

MCDA CCG strategy and analysis level resources have extensive experience at accounting & special projects management and execution. Our high-level accountants can assist in the execution of your projects. We can operate under your project management or our own, essentially augmenting your project team with our high level of expertise.

Under any structure, our consultants bring our mission of your continued success and growth to your project. We provide services in all areas noted below but are happy to address any accounting & special projects needed.

If you’re struggling with your financial deadlines for your major projects, outsourced accounting & project-based accounting is your best bet, and MCDA CCG can give you exactly what you need. With our accounting & special project-based consulting services MCDA CCG can help you complete that project quickly, and accurately. We are there when you need us. Our team is your team and we would love to offer a second set of eyes or a helping hand.  We offer our services in person, remote, or in a hybrid environment.  We are well versed in all of the top accounting systems, and can also provide training and educational services to your staff.  Do you want to learn more or get started?  Contact us today!

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Accounting & Special Projects
  • Employee Education & Training
  • Internal Controls Testing/Review
  • Cost Accounting Analysis
  • Financial Models
  • Financial Restatement
  • Fraud Analysis & Recovery
  • Restructuring & Turnaround
  • Inventory Management
  • Valuation Advising
  • Divestiture Advising
  • Transaction Advising
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Audit Preparation
  • Funding Assistance
  • Financial Reporting
  • Operational Accounting
  • Other services can be found here




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