California: New Employment Laws for 2021

It’s time to prepare for the new year, which means that you and your organization must be aware of the latest labor and employment laws. More importantly, it’s time to revise your company handbooks to keep up with the new changes. For an in-depth analysis of how each law might affect your organization, contact yourContinue reading “California: New Employment Laws for 2021”

Break Down The Silo Between Sales and Operations

When working with clients on their organizational structure, we often see very separated departmental silos. It is a very common mistake, but a very correctable mistake. This post is going to focus on the most common departmental silos, sales and operations. It is common for these same clients to believe that it is the salesContinue reading “Break Down The Silo Between Sales and Operations”

Workers Compensation & Remote Employees

As the Covid-19 pandemic continues organizations have been forced to adopt or further expand work-from-home policies. Have you worried at all about your workers compensation insurance? Now would be a good time to review your workers compensation coverage and your processes. Fully understanding which injuries your workers compensation might cover, adapting your safety program, andContinue reading “Workers Compensation & Remote Employees”

Virtual Holiday Party Ideas

With so many organizations having gone remote, it’s time to start planning how your company can spread some holiday cheer in the virtual environment. It is more important than ever to celebrate the season, the rough year and the hard work your team has accomplished this year. So that means planning a virtual holiday party,Continue reading “Virtual Holiday Party Ideas”

Creating A Change Management Plan

What is a Change Management Plan? A change management plan is the outline that informs the use of tools and processes for managing the people side of change. The importance of change management stems from the fact that your employees (or end users) determine the success of your project. Some key aspects of an effectiveContinue reading “Creating A Change Management Plan”

Evaluating Remote Employees: Online Performance Reviews

Evaluating Remote Employees What is the best way to evaluate remote employees? As the year-end approaches many companies are preparing for performance reviews. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, workplace dynamics have been dramatically changed over the past few months. The word office has a whole new meaning now, from heavily reduced personal interaction and connectionContinue reading “Evaluating Remote Employees: Online Performance Reviews”

Uncovering Hidden Talent in Your Organization

Executives generally have a few key attributes they look for in the next generation of leaders that display a promise of outstanding things to come. Executives then become huge advocates for the individuals that are demonstrating these aspects; they write gleaming performance reviews and do what they can to ensure these stars are in theContinue reading “Uncovering Hidden Talent in Your Organization”


The days of working 35-40+ years for the same employer and retiring with a nice pension after years of work and loyalty seem to have been replaced with a new normal – changing jobs every few years pursuing knowledge, challenge and career satisfaction. How many people do you know that have started and ended theirContinue reading “IT IS TIME TO LOOK FOR A NEW JOB? SIGNS THAT ITS TIME”

Are You Considering Joining a Startup? Questions You Should Be Asking

My experience with startups has been either as an advisor or consultant to the founding team members. In those roles I have generally been on the hiring and recruiting side of the equation. I am amazed how often candidates fail to ask some what I consider the basics before joining a startup. They get theContinue reading “Are You Considering Joining a Startup? Questions You Should Be Asking”

Prepare Job Descriptions For 2021

I think we can all agree that 2020 has been one very crazy year. Employees and employers have been forced to learn tough lessons on pivoting and remote work. At MCDA CCG our HR team has been observing how our clients use of systems, communication skills, performance feedback (or lack of), standard operating procedures, etc.,Continue reading “Prepare Job Descriptions For 2021”