Things to Consider Before Buying Equipment for Your Small Business

Purchasing equipment for a new business is an important, yet often stressful part of getting ready to launch.  You may be the most confident entrepreneur out there but investing hard-earned capital into fixed assets before you even make your first sales can be a nail-biting experience.  To ensure you make the right purchases, it isContinue reading “Things to Consider Before Buying Equipment for Your Small Business”

Remote Workers – Create Accountability

Advancements in technology and the many changes in current workspaces have undergone over the last few years, so many small businesses may host entire teams of remote workers.  The struggle that many of you will face is how you can create accountability for those who work in the non-traditional environments. Accountability goes far and beyondContinue reading “Remote Workers – Create Accountability”

Vision Without Execution is Just A Hallucination

Thomas Edison had such wise words….  “Vision without execution is just a hallucination”.  It hits home with so many of our clients.  Let us at MCDA help you build your plan and train your team to execute your vision into a reality. A great vision is the table stakes for building a valuable business.  AContinue reading “Vision Without Execution is Just A Hallucination”

Is it Urgent?

Here we are and another work week is upon us. As you enter the office to jump into the mix of the week, are you anxious? I think that many people are. This is especially true if you are in management . Why do I say that? It’s because our days are never our own.Continue reading “Is it Urgent?”

It doesn’t help to pass the buck

I had a boss in a past life with a reputation of being a face melter, meaning he would light you up and chew your face off.  He could definitely be hard on people that was not my experience with him.  Why?  I held the secret. He was definitely tough. On a few different occasionsContinue reading “It doesn’t help to pass the buck”

Start to begin to think for yourself

I recently just facilitated a meeting for a client, it was a group brainstorming all of the factors needed to accomplish their purpose of building a stronger connection to the community.  I stood at the flip chart with one of those colorful SMELLY Sharpie flip chart markers listening and writing down so many of theirContinue reading “Start to begin to think for yourself”

Build Up Trust to Build Up Your Business

Small- business owners frequently talk about and are looking for ways to build up their business.  Most often, thoughts are focused on having the right products and/or services at the right price and selling to the right target market. I have to say, these are key elements in building a sustainable business but just asContinue reading “Build Up Trust to Build Up Your Business”

5 Steps to Take When an Employee Goes Rogue

When an employee goes rogue, it is often the company that deals with the damage on a short-term or long-term basis, repairing what was broken and regaining what was lost. The damage can be in the form of putting the company’s security at risk, losing profit and clients, or to the extent of losing itsContinue reading “5 Steps to Take When an Employee Goes Rogue”

How to Tell Someone That They Are Being Laid Off

Dismissing an employee is one of the most unpleasant tasks of management. It’s likely to evoke a lot of mixed feelings: sympathy, sadness, and anxiety. Even if letting go of the employee (or employees) is in the best interest of the company, you still may feel guilty. What’s the best way to deliver the news?Continue reading “How to Tell Someone That They Are Being Laid Off”

Informal Interviews and How to Approach Them

I came to Panera Bread this morning to enjoy a cup of coffee and get some work done outside of my normal office environment and I am a table away from an informal interview taking place.  That leads me to this topic… What is an informal interview? An informal interview is an interview that takesContinue reading “Informal Interviews and How to Approach Them”