Supply Chain Contracts: 5 Must Have Provisions

The supply chain contract is the key factor when questions arise or when things unfortunately go wrong. The contract will set expectations, outline each parties’ obligation and when the obligation ends, and outline the process for dispute resolution. Getting the contract right is crucial. Detailed provisions of a supply chain contract will vary based onContinue reading “Supply Chain Contracts: 5 Must Have Provisions”

Accelerate Revenue By Reducing Customer Churn

One of the most important KPI metrics that a startup business can measure is customer churn. Churn is a measurement of the percentage of accounts that cancel or choose not to renew their subscriptions in a given period, typically calculated for businesses with recurring monthly revenue streams such as a SaaS business. A high churn rate can negativelyContinue reading “Accelerate Revenue By Reducing Customer Churn”

Workers Compensation & Remote Employees

As the Covid-19 pandemic continues organizations have been forced to adopt or further expand work-from-home policies. Have you worried at all about your workers compensation insurance? Now would be a good time to review your workers compensation coverage and your processes. Fully understanding which injuries your workers compensation might cover, adapting your safety program, andContinue reading “Workers Compensation & Remote Employees”


The days of working 35-40+ years for the same employer and retiring with a nice pension after years of work and loyalty seem to have been replaced with a new normal – changing jobs every few years pursuing knowledge, challenge and career satisfaction. How many people do you know that have started and ended theirContinue reading “IT IS TIME TO LOOK FOR A NEW JOB? SIGNS THAT ITS TIME”

Difficult Workplace Conversations Leaders and HR Professionals Don’t Want to Have

Having difficult conversations with employees ranks high on the list of things leaders and HR Professionals don’t want to do. If you are a new leader or HR Professional these topics are likely to find their way to you at some point. 5 Candid Conversations Leaders & HR Professionals Don’t Want to Have BAD HYGIENE: Continue reading “Difficult Workplace Conversations Leaders and HR Professionals Don’t Want to Have”

5 Tips on Becoming a Great HR Manager

As the Human Resources Manager you have some of the most consequential responsibilities within the office environment. A successful work environment depends heavily on interactions and the relationships of the individuals sharing the space. The HR manager is largely responsible to ensure these interactions are fostering a comfortable and productive work environment. You want toContinue reading “5 Tips on Becoming a Great HR Manager”

HR Audits & Why They Are Important

Having an HR audit conducted is a key component to help companies like yours avoid legal and regulatory liability. At MCDA CCG our audits will identify areas of legal risk and we will help you quickly resolve the findings. Our audits will make sure that you are in compliance with the countless employment laws, andContinue reading “HR Audits & Why They Are Important”

SaaS Businesses: Should I ask for annual prepayment?

In recent discussions with founders and CEO’s of SaaS companies we have discussed the advantages and disadvantages of asking customers to prepay their subscription annually. When drilling into the why, it is often due to a motive to improve conversion rates. I feel this is a mistake… My opinion is that a customer who isContinue reading “SaaS Businesses: Should I ask for annual prepayment?”

How to Pay Back a PPP or EIDL Loan

If your business was fortunate enough to have received a Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loan or an Economic Injury Disaster Loan (EIDL), you may have now decided that you want to pay it back for for any number of reasons: You didn’t fully understand the loan terms when you applied, You cannot use the PPPContinue reading “How to Pay Back a PPP or EIDL Loan”