Our team of expert Controllers provide visibility to results and information required to make better informed financial decisions. We are well versed in multiple accounting systems including QuickBooks, NetSuite, Oracle, Sage, Epicor and much more.

Regardless of the size or state of your business operation, managing the accuracy and timeliness of your company’s financial performance is essential. Our outsourced financial Controller services provide accurate reports and complete the necessary analyses required to provide you with the ability to make strategic financial decisions in a timely manner.

Our Controller Services Include:
  • Cash Flow
  • Budgets
  • Forecasting
  • Vendor Selection
  • Internal Controls (checks & balances)
  • Internal Financial Visibility
  • Accounting Software Implementation Services
Controller Services


Reports Analysis

Controllers are responsible to report financial results to ensure that strategic, timely decisions can be made for the success of the business. They are also required to analyze and report sales margins, cash forecasting, and other operational metrics.

Reports to:

  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Management & Leadership
  • Auditors
  • Accounting department

Controllers are responsible for working with legal to maintain compliance with state, local, and federal law as it pertains to accounting and taxes. They are also responsible for keeping your financial reporting in compliance with accepted accounting rules.

Reports to:

  • Internal Revenue Service
  • State and Local tax authorities
  • Financial Statement Auditors
Financial Management

Controllers are responsible for overseeing vendor payments, customer collections, and overall cash management and forecasting. Controllers are also responsible for providing external parties with the financial results, where required.

Reports to:

  • Vendors
  • Banks & Creditors
  • Customers
  • Investors
  • Owners




Trusted Advisors



  • Prepare financial statements
  • Oversee accounting staff/department
  • Set up internal controls
  • Reconcile accounts
  • Cash flow and treasury management
  • Review trending and analyze accounts
  • Ad hoc Reporting
  • Audit preparation
  • Debt covenant reporting
  • Customize financial reporting
  • Create budgeting and oversight
  • Find areas for cost saving
  • Inventory management
  • Cost accounting
  • Vendor and customer management
  • Administer sales, commissions, and compensation plans
  • Oversee payroll
  • Project management
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