Ensure your ERP software implementation is not only on-time, on-budget, and lives up to future-state expectations, but provides you modernization capabilities by partnering with an ERP Consulting Services provider.

If your organization is relying on disparate systems and countless Excel worksheets to manage your business processes – you may be at a clear disadvantage and it may be increasingly difficult to keep up with inventory management among other business operations let alone remaining competitive and relevant.

This is where a unified suite of ERP tools comes in. The biggest benefit of ERP software solutions is that it functions as a unified, integrated system built to handle all core business processes. It is a single source of truth for all your data. Get improved visibility into almost every area of your organization to more easily be able to recognize opportunities for improved productivity, increased efficiency, cost-reduction and accountability.


ERP Consulting

An agile ERP software solution goes beyond the debits and credits of traditional accounting. It should act as the backbone or lifeblood of an organization and be responsible for managing all people and processes surrounding accounting, finance, project management, inventory processing, and supply chain operations.

An ERP system implementation provides:

  • Greater controls over security and governance
  • A consistent, modern, user experience to manage workflows and business processes
  • Access to cross-functional reporting and detailed analysis
  • Clarity into all processes, from summary-level data down to transactional details
  • Visibility into the entire customer journey — from initial engagement, to purchase, through to customer support needs




Trusted Advisors


Why Choose MCDA CCG for
ERP Consulting

You shouldn’t have to worry about how the logistics of implementing a new ERP platform will impact your business. MCDA CCG is uniquely equipped to provide your team with the personalized consulting and training necessary to both evaluate and take full advantage of your software solution.

Boost your ERP system implementation with our comprehensive ERP consulting services that include:

- ERP evaluation, assessment and roadmap creation
- ERP planning and implementation
- ERP project recovery/optimization
- ERP client team support when another software integrator is in place

User Adoption “Change Management” programs to fit the need

Already Have an ERP Software Solution?

If you already have an ERP software solution that you like or have a contract with, our consultants can perform a Fit-Gap Analysis to help you determine if and where any challenges, functionality gaps, or bottlenecks lie. If you’re currently happy with your ERP tools, we offer a wide range of innovative customization and optimization services that can allow you to leverage your existing applications in new, powerful ways.

Currently Engaged in an ERP System Implementation?

Are you already engaged in an ERP system implementation project and wondering if you’re getting the value that you expected? Numerous projects have cost overruns and take longer than expected. If this sounds like how your project is progressing, we can help you get back on track by establishing a recovery plan to realize your anticipated benefits. Our consultants assess the current state of the project, provide recommendations for leading execution, and deploy implementation best practices to help turn your project around.

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