MCDA CCG Inc. provides businesses with an entire financial and accounting structure from staff to the CFO position. Our flexible outsource structure allows you to access resources that fit your needs, schedule, and the size of your organization.

MCDA CCG, Inc., has built a reputation as cutting edge consultants with an entrepreneurial spirit and focus, working in accounting and finance. We bring these qualities to our clients to help create continued success and growth.  We partner with our clients to create this success within their organization.

Our expert consultants are skilled professionals who fix the accounting and finance problems all companies face.


Why Choose MCDA CCG
Financial Consultants

By working with our financial consultants, you will experience all of the benefits of working with a large organization without the big-business feel. Your team will receive the attention and personal customer service and support you deserve, as one would expect from a local business. We work closely with our clients to resolve complex business issues, execute special projects, and enhance performance across their entire organization.

In this complex economy, many growing or rising companies are finding the need for an experienced chief financial officer and accounting team for the first time. The burdensome cost of paying a full-time chief financial officer and accounting staff can be a significant barrier to success. At NOW CFO we provide a range of consultants, accountants, and financial professionals on a flexible part-time basis that ensure your needs are being met at a cost-effective price. Our consultants leverage our staff and supervisors to deliver services most efficiently and cost-effectively.

As an example, your business may need to close the books monthly and report operational or covenant results to your financial institution. To solve this need, you could hire a full-time CFO or Controller who would spend a significant amount of time completing tasks that should be done by a less costly employee. Another possible solution is to outsource these responsibilities to a fractional CFO. Again, your organization should not pay the rate of a fractional CFO or Controller for time spent on lower level tasks, such as, reconciling accounts.The complete outsource structure by MCDA CCG provides access to an entire team with consultants at various flexible costs. This means your needs will be met at the lowest possible cost with the highest quality standards. Additionally, your needs fluctuate dependent upon when responsibilities need to be met. Hiring additional full-time employees may not be the right answer to ensure your growth.

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