Training & Development

Management Training, Employee Development and Sexual Harassment Prevention Courses are listed below. At MCDA CCG, Inc. we can tailor any course to meet your specific needs. Contact us today for more information.

Training and Development

Strategically aligning employee performance with organizational goals is essential to meet company objectives. Employee engagement plays a significant role in a company’s overall performance. The better employees perform, the better the organization will perform.

Supervisors are also a critical component for maximum productivity, as these leaders must know how to effectively achieve results through others.

With a proven track record in Training and Development, MCDA CCG, Inc. has been supporting diverse businesses with very successful results. 


MCDA CCG, Inc. provides a wide array of effective training curriculum to assist in the organizational development of your company. Whether it be state mandated Harassment Prevention Training or Supervisor Development, MCDA CCG, Inc. provides the necessary instruction to develop a top performing organization. Our tailored approach


Delegation Techniques – Learn how to delegate, to whom to delegate and how to evaluate and recognize performance. 

Effective Communication – Learn how to listen, how to solicit engagement and how to use effective communication techniques. 

Effective Decision Making Strategies – Learn to make better decisions, even under pressure. The importance of making good, sound decisions and the impact they may have on people and operations. 

Manage Challenging Employees – Learn how to recognize causes of conflict, how to facilitate resolution and how to manage the work relationships once the conflict has been resolved. 

Measuring Job Performance – Learn to design, develop and set in place measurement tools to align employee behavior with organizational goals. 

Negotiation Skills for Supervisors – Identify the purpose of negotiation and essential negotiation skills. Gain effective techniques for reaching mutual agreement. 

New Supervisors Effective Supervision – Learn the supervisory skills required to lead, manage, promote performance and achieve organizational goals and objectives through employees. 

Performance Appraisals – Understand the importance of conducting employee performance appraisals on a continuous basis. Learn how to design and properly conduct an appraisal of performance. 

Performance Goals – Understand the importance of setting, selecting, monitoring and incorporating goals into the employee performance appraisal process. 

Problem Solving – Learn the key steps needed to become an effective problem solver. Understand your role and the importance of it in workplace problem resolution.

Professional Behavior – Gain understanding of courteous and respectful conduct towards others and the positive affects it will have on productivity and effectiveness. 

Compliance for Supervisors – Not every law applies to every business, we focus on only the laws that apply to your business type, size and culture. 

Behavioral Interviewing – Learn how to go beyond KSA’s (Knowledge, Skills and Abilities) and assess how the interviewee acted in specific employment-related situations. 

Partners in Productivity – Learn how to understand workforce diversity and improve employee engagement and communication.


California SB 1343 requires an employer of five or more employees to provide Sexual Harassment Prevention Training to all employees.

Before you send your employees to Sexual Harassment Prevention Training, it is absolutely imperative that you select the right course and instructors for your company. As one of the premiere HR consulting firm in Orange County, MCDA CCG, Inc. has earned a reputation for being employer focused. MCDA CCG, Inc.’s Harassment Prevention Training courses are designed by our Senior HR Professionals, whose goal is to educate not instigate. Our experienced instructors are skilled at guiding the focus and narrative towards a more productive and congruent workforce.

Manager and Employee Training

Option 1: Live ONSITE Interactive Training (1 and 2 Hr. Sessions)

Training takes place at your location and includes up to 20 participants. If your staff exceeds 20, same-day, same-location additional sessions available at reduced rates.

Option 2: Live OFFSITE Interactive Training (1 and 2 Hr. sessions)

Training takes place at MCDA CCG, Inc. facilities and includes up to 10 participants per session. (Complimentary beverage and snack included)

Option 3: Live Interactive WEBINAR Training (1 and 2 Hr. sessions)

Training takes place online form your desktop, tablet or smart phone and includes up to 20 participants.

MCDA CCG, Inc. strongly encourages, in-person, interactive training whenever possible. It is far more impactful than any other method. A recent EEOC report found that many trainings have failed because they are “too focused on simply avoiding legal liability.” In addition to the liability aspect, MCDA CCG Inc.’s training, focuses on awareness, communication and ultimately an improvement in people’s civility towards one another. All of our Classes are conducted by a Senior HR Professional with a minimum of 20 years experience.

To schedule a training session or for more information contact us at (714) 872-2393 or at

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