Developmental Training Services

Employee training is a corporate strategy which drives business results and provides organizations with a true competitive advantage. It is a strategic investment in your biggest asset… your employees. Developing talent is truly beneficial as it will  optimize your employees’ potential, improve performance, and positively impact your Organization’s bottom line. Developmental Training is no longer an option, it’s a business necessity.

That’s why MCDA’s training sessions provide resources in which your people can refine their skills, discover their distinctiveness and realize their potential.

MCDA recognizes the importance of tailoring training programs to the specific needs of individual companies. After all, your business and training goals are unique. MCDA works with you to customize training programs that are designed around your objectives. Our training programs can be designed as a comprehensive training initiative as well as stand alone sessions.

Benefits of Training:

  • Ensures Consistency
  • Greater Accuracy
  • Increased Compliance (Regulatory/Statutory)
  • Increased Productivity
  • Improved Efficiency
  • Improved Motivation & Moral
  • Less Direct Supervision
  • Reduced Turnover
Guard against costly lawsuits by effectively training supervisors on critical HR legal issues.

More discrimination lawsuits are being filed against well-intentioned managers and companies who do not keep pace with the legal requirements of HR. The first step in handling any unlawful employment situation is toprevent it before it occurs. Training helps to ensure compliance with all applicable Federal and State employment laws and regulations. Furthermore, a prompt response to any situation within your facility may help you in mitigating your liability.

Save time, increase effectiveness and change behaviors by contacting MCDSA for your next training solution.

Our knowledgeable facilitators draw from real-life scenarios that illustrate potential pitfalls and advise on how to avoid them to ensure a successful training program. We also handle course/class set-up, facility scheduling, and materials fulfillment so you don’t have to.

Here are some training topics at a glance:

Administrative/Support Personnel & Customer Service

Customer Service Redefined

Create the personal interactions customers are looking for by redefining your customer service toolkit.

Course Objectives

  • Discover how to get to the heart of the matter
  • Gain an understanding of what your customers really want from you
  • Learn how to create a great impression even if you can’t deliver exactly what they want
  • Learn how to create positive interactions your customers want to talk about
  • Learn the art of giving effective promises that you can really deliver on

Customer Service that Wows

Learn how to go above and beyond to keep your customers coming back for life.

Course Objectives

  • Identify the elements of WOW customer service
  • Discover how to stay calm, cool and sympathetic under pressure
  • Understand how to deal with cynical customers who just don’t believe you want to help
  • Learn how to use the right approach for the right person
  • Gain knowledge of crucial phrases that will calm customers down and get them to start listening

Safety & Security Measures for Front-Desk Personnel

Gain the essential tools necessary to handle the difficult challenges that go hand-in-hand with managing the front desk.

Course Objectives

  • Learn how to command attention and respect at the front desk
  • Quickly recognize and field callers fishing for confidential information
  • Gain strategies for confronting and stopping people who try to slip by you
  • Discover best practices for controlling, managing and taking care of your reception area

Winning Customers Through Service

Learn the skills to go the extra mile for your customers to keep them smiling and coming back.

Course Objectives

  • Analyze the importance of service for your organization
  • The difference between external and internal customers
  • How customers decide if their needs have been met
  • How to handle customer complaints
  • Demonstrate excellent customer service in your daily work

Communication Skills

Assertive Communication

Understand the essentials that give you the power to calm down, stand up, and speak out by voicing your opinions and concerns the right way.

Course Objectives

  • Develop an arsenal of tools for speaking assertively with more confidence
  • Consciously engage appropriate body language to reinforce assertive communication while eliminating self-sabotaging communication habits and body language
  • Learn best practices for disarming conflict and handling problems effectively
  • Learn to persuade and negotiate effectively by getting others to see your point of view
  • Become comfortable saying “no”
  • Understand gender differences in conflict

Basics of Writing Policies & Procedures

Learn proven, step-by-step guidelines for writing your company’s policies and procedures so that they are crystal clear and free of loopholes.

Course Objectives

  • Learn the keys to keeping text clear and concise while eliminating loopholes
  • Learn how to word policies and procedures to not sound patronizing or condescending
  • Discover time-saving tips for developing critically important materials such as procedure manuals, rule books and application forms
  • Know what should and should not be included in handbooks to protect yourself legally
  • Discover the biggest mistakes made when putting procedures or policies in writing

Conflict Management & Confrontation Skills

Learn proven conflict management and resolution strategies to help employees build more confidence, gain control over their work environment and get more done at the office.

Course Objectives

  • Gain a new perspective on conflict within an organization
  • Identify the sources and types of organizational conflict and the misunderstandings in those situations
  • Recognize situations where conflict is likely inevitable and know what to do
  • Develop and implement useful conflict management strategies
  • Learn rules for building a climate of trust and cooperation in the workplace
  • Understand cooperative forms of negotiation

Effective Communication

Ensure your organization has the necessary skills to achieve effective communication.

Course Objectives

  • Examine all aspects of communication (verbal and nonverbal)
  • Understand why communication breaks down
  • Appreciate the benefits of effective communication
  • Develop the skills for good, interactive communication
  • Realize the potential value of employee input
  • Learn how to solicit ideas, suggestions, and participation

Giving & Receiving Feedback & Constructive Criticism

Learn how to give and receive honest, helpful criticism in a way that builds understanding and cooperation.

Course Objectives

  • Learn techniques that will help effectively get your message across every time
  • Learn how ensure you understand and respond appropriately
  • Learn how to build understanding and cooperation through honest, helpful criticism
  • Learn how to be strong enough to not overreact and smart enough to probe for the real message
  • Learn how to smooth ruffled feathers when an employee takes criticism too personally

How to Handle Difficult People

Discover the appropriate responses and tools needed to stay in control when confronted with irritating or intimidating behavior.

Course Objectives

  • Learn to identify and handle the most common types of difficult people
  • Understand what really triggers difficult people to behave negatively and how to minimize the negative effects of difficult behavior
  • Learn how to overcome the fear of confrontation
  • Learn how to avoid being caught off-guard by anticipating the negative actions of others
  • Understand the important difference between occasional and ingrained difficult behavior
  • Learn how to maintain your composure under fire and neutralize the typical tactics and weapons used by difficult people

How to Handle Negativity, Bad Attitudes & Toxic People in the Workplace

Discover how to effectively deal with toxic behavior that can infect a whole team or company.

Course Objectives

  • Understand toxic and negative behavior in the workplace and how to deal it
  • Learn how to use effective listening skills in difficult situations and with difficult people
  • Apply professional techniques for communicating with difficult personalities and people
  • Learn how to apply appropriate and productive confrontation and conflict resolution skills
  • Learn to stay calm and confident in any difficult or emotionally charged situation

How to Handle Personality Clashes in the Workplace

Before it drags down your entire organization, learn how to handle when two (or more) people can’t get along.

Course Objectives

  • Identify and eliminate the causes of personality conflicts before they arise
  • Learn to spot the root causes of personality clashes
  • Learn how to handle attitude problems before they spiral out of control
  • Discover how to deliver constructive criticism without hurting feelings
  • Understand how to separate personal feelings from professional responsibilities

Improving Communication Skills

Gain the confidence of knowing what to say and when to say it and ensure your long-term career success.

Course Objectives

  • Learn how to persuade others to your way of thinking and gain their cooperation
  • Succeed in meetings by presenting ideas confidently and with purpose and intention
  • Gain best practices for writing e-mails that grab attention and get results
  • Learn to communicate assertively to accomplish work objectives and interact with others
  • Discover how to use active listening to increase the amount of information received from an exchange

Leading Effective Meetings

Discover strategies for leading powerful, productive and effective meetings to ensure your, and your team’s, success.

Course Objectives

  • Learn how to plan and conduct meetings to maximize participation and achieve desired outcomes
  • Realize importance of using effective meeting practices
  • Build confidence in the use of effective meeting leadership practices
  • Gain practical tips to implement with your next meeting

The Unwritten Rules of Business Professionalism & Workplace Etiquette

Gain an understanding of when and how your actions impact others; don’t waste another minute wondering what professionalism looks and sounds like.

Course Objectives

  • Learn how to read the subtle signs telling you when and how to respond in situations requiring special finesse
  • Learn how to demonstrate respect with your actions and words
  • Understand the behaviors that make bosses cringe and destroys credibility
  • Discover how to come across polished and tactful every time
  • Understand how to dress for success in the workplace

Human Resource Training

Basics of Writing Policies & Procedures

Learn proven, step-by-step guidelines for writing your company’s policies and procedures so that they are crystal clear and free of loopholes.

Course Objectives

  • Learn the keys to keeping text clear and concise while eliminating loopholes
  • Learn how to word policies and procedures to not sound patronizing or condescending
  • Discover time-saving tips for developing critically important materials such as procedure manuals, rule books and application forms
  • Know what should and should not be included in handbooks to protect yourself legally
  • Discover the biggest mistakes made when putting procedures or policies in writing

Conducting Behavior Based Interviews

Discover how to gather the information you really need to pinpoint the most appropriate candidate instead of relying on your gut-instinct.

Course Objectives

  • Discover how to determine which skills are necessary, and unnecessary, for the job
  • Learn how to evaluate critical job-related skills, attitudes or organizational values
  • Determine how a likely a person will act on the job based upon their motivation
  • Discover how to avoid costly hiring mistakes
  • Learn how to conduct legally compliant interviews

Conducting Legal & Effective Internal Investigations

Discover tried-and-true strategies for succeeding in the art of negotiation and learn how to positively influence your peers to achieve a productive work environment.

Course Objectives

  • Understand the critical laws that impact investigations
  • Understand how to protect yourself from personal liability
  • Find out what documents you must keep and for how long
  • Learn how to eliminate the threat of retaliation and damaging lawsuits
  • Learn what barriers you need to clear before you get started

Critical Issues in Employment Law

When one mistake can be the difference between happy and productive employees and sitting in court defending your actions from a lawsuit, this information isn’t just nice to have – it’s necessary to have!

Course Objectives

  • Learn how to find and cite employment laws relevant to your organization
  • Distinguish among major laws regarding discriminatory practices
  • Identify which acts constitute unlawful discrimination
  • Develop fair employment practices
  • Learn how to avoid being held personally responsible for unlawful workplace practices
  • Discover strategies to legally coach, discipline, and terminate employees

Cultural Awareness for the Whole Workforce

Both the managers and their employees will learn what cultural awareness is and how to value differences rather than fear them.

Course Objectives – Employee

  • Gain an understanding of personal perspectives regarding cultural awareness and individual differences
  • Discover what influences professional and personal relationships
  • Discover the primary cultural dimensions
  • Promote understanding by applying communication essentials to workplace differences
  • Achieve a greater awareness of the dynamics creating the differences between various cultural groups

Course Objectives – Manager

  • Learn how to put cultural and diversity awareness into daily management practices
  • How to set up cultural-awareness programs in the workplace
  • How to help employees see the value of a diverse workforce
  • Learn to monitor progress toward diversity goals and objectives
  • Understand the importance of facilitating team growth

Documentation Retention & Management for HR Professionals

Get your company thoroughly organized and legally protected by properly maintaining and storing the necessary documentation and records.

Course Objectives

  • Learn how to handle documentation and retention in today’s electronic age
  • Understand the circumstances under which e-mails must be protected and kept as legal documents
  • Discover how HIPPA, ADA, the Civil Rights Act, FMLA and other federal legislation will affect your documentation responsibilities in 2019 and beyond
  • Discover whether you can be held liable for the way you destroy documents (You can!)

Effective Records Management, Retention & Destruction

Find out if you are in compliance with the legal requirements governing the organization, retrieval, and destruction of electronic and paper documents.

Course Objectives

  • Learn how to assess and audit your current filing systems and processes
  • Learn to manage electronic files by developing a strategic records-management system
  • Harness the appropriate technology for organizing and maintaining files
  • Learn how to develop clear records-retention plans, schedules and execution with categorized records and documents
  • Discover the legal ramifications of records management and organization

Employment Law 101

This crash course will teach you everything you need to know about the basics of employment law.

Course Objectives

  • Develop a basic understanding of employment laws
  • Identify the associated costs and effects of violations
  • Recognize the legal implications, including supervisor liability
  • Recognize that harassment and discrimination are illegal and cannot be tolerated
  • Discuss how to handle reports of harassment or discrimination

Essentials for HR Assistants

Gain the vital skills needed to confidently handle complex federal regulations, emotional or difficult employees and the paperwork tornado that often threatens to bury your HR department.

Course Objectives

  • Understand your growing role as an HR assistant
  • Learn secrets for recruiting and hiring success as well as for discipline and termination
  • Learn techniques for enhancing your employee relation skills
  • Get updated on important changes and the newest trends in HR law
  • Discover powerful strategies that will boost your credibility and career

FLSA Compliance

Discover best practices to ensure your organization is in full compliance with FLSA regulations, understand the latest court interpretations and get all of your questions answered.

Course Objectives

  • Gain an understanding of basic payroll principles
  • Learn how to define a workweek
  • Distinguish between employees exempt from overtime provisions of the law and those who are not
  • Learn how to analyze activities to determine whether or not they are compensable
  • Develop fair pay and leave policies

Giving & Receiving Feedback & Constructive Criticism

Learn how to give and receive honest, helpful criticism in a way that builds understanding and cooperation.

Course Objectives

  • Learn techniques that will help effectively get your message across every time
  • Learn how ensure you understand and respond appropriately
  • Learn how to build understanding and cooperation through honest, helpful criticism
  • Learn how to be strong enough to not overreact and smart enough to probe for the real message
  • Learn how to smooth ruffled feathers when an employee takes criticism too personally

Giving Effective Performance Feedback & Employee Reviews

Gain the insight needed to conduct more thorough and legally sound employee evaluations.

Course Objectives

  • Learn how to prevent evaluation pitfalls that can surprise even the pros
  • Sidestep the most common stressors faced by managers when evaluating employees
  • Recognize and avoid the number one mistake made when criticizing employees
  • Determine the fears and beliefs employees have that affect the outcome of their performance evaluations
  • Know how to smooth ruffled feathers when an employee takes criticism too personally

Hiring Right the First Time

Learn the best ways to select the right person for the job, the first time.

Course Objectives

  • Learn how to prepare for interviews
  • Learn how to develop legal and effective interview questions
  • Recognize and avoid bias when rating applicants
  • Realize the importance of documentation
  • Learn how to avoid interviewer errors and negligent hiring claims

How to Handle Employee Performance Problems

Gain fresh ideas to help tackle even the toughest performance problems with ease and success.

Course Objectives

  • Discover how to ensure other employees and departments never suffer again due to underperforming employees
  • Learn how to boost productivity and morale by effectively eliminating poor performance
  • Gain fresh ideas for coaching, disciplining, and motivating poor performers
  • Discover how to get the results you want the first time
  • Understand when poor performers can’t be saved and the legal boundaries of termination

How to Legally Fire Employees

Learn how to deal with problem employees in a way that avoids the legal and emotional land mines that often pop up.

Course Objectives

  • Discover how to decrease the likelihood of getting sued
  • Understand the legitimate reasons you can safely terminate and how to go about it
  • Recognize the importance of current and accurate employee records
  • Discover key employment laws and regulations every manager needs to know
  • Learn how to conduct an exit interview
  • Learn the four steps of progressive discipline and how to implement them

How to Write a Comprehensive Employee Handbook

Discover ways to communicate your organization’s employee policies clearly and legally so omissions or mistakes in your handbook don’t leave you vulnerable to costly legal battles.

Course Objectives

  • Discover the most common errors employers make when writing policies
  • Learn time-saving tips for writing and updating handbooks
  • Understand why every company needs an employee handbook
  • Identify the topics every company should include in its handbook
  • Learn how to ensure your handbook is not perceived as a contract
  • Discover critical employment laws and benefits

HR Fundamentals for Professionals Who Recently Assumed HR Responsibilities

Be brought up-to-date on the ever-changing employment laws and regulatory issues while learning to work within the confusing complexities of record keeping and benefits administration.

Course Objectives

  • Understand interview guidelines that guarantee better hires
  • Understand the steps for terminating an employee safely and legally
  • Learn proven techniques for managing record keeping more quickly and efficiently
  • Learn benefit administration how-to’s, from changes in COBRA to exclusions and penalties in FLSA
  • Discover resources for staying up-to-the-minute on changing laws and regulations

Influence & Negotiation

Discover tried-and-true strategies for succeeding in the art of negotiation and learn how to positively influence your peers to achieve a productive work environment.

Course Objectives

  • Influence the activities and outputs of others without the ability to resort to mandatory compliance
  • Manage differences by generating options
  • Assess the impacts of employee influence and conflict management styles
  • Employ multiple tools, including creative problem solving techniques, to advance the negotiation process towards better outcomes

Navigating the Complex World of Workers’ Compensation

Gain an improved understanding of the skills and strategies necessary to successfully navigating the complex world of workers’ compensation and remaining protected from lawsuits.

Course Objectives

  • Discover which workers’ are covered by workers’ compensation laws
  • Understand how FMLA and ADA laws interact with workers’ compensation
  • Learn how to accurately document and report accidents and injuries
  • Understand safety plans and how to prevent injuries before they occur
  • Learn the different types of benefits and when each applies
  • Gain cost-cutting strategies to lower your premiums and payouts

Performance Management – The Key to Employee Development

Discover best practices and techniques for conducting efficient and effective performance evaluations.

Course Objectives

  • Learn how to conduct legally defensible appraisals without discriminating
  • Develop goals that help establish standards of performance
  • Learn how to create an environment conducive to effective evaluations
  • Develop great interpersonal communication skills
  • Learn how to manage employee reactions and emotions

Preventing Sexual Harassment

Both employees and management will develop a clear understanding of what legally constitutes as harassment, what to do if it occurs and how to manage and investigate the sexual harassment complaint.

Course Objectives

  • Consider the laws that prohibit sexual harassment in the workplace
  • Recognize the specific forms of harassment
  • Know who can commit sexual harassment
  • Recognize who can experience sexual harassment
  • Learn when an employer is liable
  • Understand under what conditions sexual harassment can occur
  • Understand the objectives of a workplace sexual harassment policy

Preventing & Handling Workplace Harassment & Discrimination

Both employees and management will develop a clear understanding of what legally constitutes harassment and discrimination, what to do if it occurs and how to manage and investigate harassment and/or discrimination complaints.

Course Objectives

  • Understand how the courts are defining harassment, discrimination and retaliation
  • Discover what constitutes as unlawful harassment
  • Learn how to recognize the warning signs typically displayed by victims and quickly put an end to harassing or inappropriate behavior
  • Learn strategies for investigating and responding to complaints without violating employee privacy rights
  • Discover the best practices you can implement today to help avoid litigation

Recruiting & Interviewing Skills

Learn how to navigate the challenges of employing exceptional people, where to begin the search process and discover methods for screening traits and skills critical to the overall hiring process.

Course Objectives

  • Understand the legal perimeters which affect employment
  • Learn how to lay the foundation for an effective interview
  • Pinpoint best methods for target recruiting
  • Learn how to identify ‘knock-out’ requirements during screening
  • Control an interview to determine can-and-will-do criteria
  • Learn how to ascertain an applicant’s probable fit through pre-employment checking

The Job Hunter’s Guide to Resume Writing & Interviewing

Assist employees on the receiving end of a downsizing, restructuring, RIF, takeover or merger in making themselves look as good as possible on paper and brushing up on their interview skills.

Course Objectives

  • Understand the purposes for resumes and cover letters and what employers look for in ideal candidates
  • Discover basic elements and different styles of professional resumes and cover letters
  • Discover positive job interviewing behaviors and how to align your contributions with the organization’s needs
  • Learn to recognize and gain strategies for handling different interview types
  • Learn how to formulate answers to behavior-based questions
  • Learn how to create follow-up communications

Valuing Diversity in the Workplace

Learn to appreciate your own group cultures while respecting and interacting with individuals from other groups.

Course Objectives

  • Discover how to reduce prejudice, stereotyping and discrimination in the workplace
  • Learn how to distinguish between disagreements caused by clashing cultural perspectives and those caused by differences in personality and personal tastes
  • Understand what behaviors are considered unlawful harassment
  • Understand the concept of valuing diversity and analyzing personal perceptions
  • Understand working within the dictates of employment law, including affirmative action

Writing Effective Job Descriptions

Gain a better understanding of critical employee recruitment and retention issues.

Course Objectives

  • Reduce costs by developing more effective hiring practices
  • Learn how to increase profitability by eliminating bad hires
  • Learn how to develop a more productive and motivated workforce through the establishment of clear-cut goals and internal career paths
  • Achieve sustainable success by developing a long term, highly-skilled workforce
  • Discover how to remain legally compliant throughout the recruitment and hiring process

Leadership Training

Basic Supervision

Discover the secrets to success of today’s top managers.

Course Objectives

  • Learn how to give directions that get results
  • Understand how to build a super-productive team
  • Gain the most up-to-date, legal information available for disciplining and firing
  • Discover what actually motivates employees
  • Learn goal-setting and goal-reaching techniques you can put to work immediately
  • Gain communication skills and techniques to help avoid problems caused by poor communication

Beyond Basic Supervision

Learn skills and techniques you can use to avoid problems caused by miscommunication and misunderstandings.

Course Objectives

  • Discover valuable traits needed to be an effective manager
  • Learn how to establish expectations and deliver constructive feedback
  • Discover when and how to delegate, and to whom
  • Learn how to facilitate clear and effective communication
  • Learn how to face conflict and disciplinary situations with confidence
  • Learn how to build and direct motivated project teams

Boot Camp for New Supervisors

Arm yourself with the powerful skills, tools and knowledge necessary to lead your troops to success.

  • Learn how to motivate your troops to go the extra mile
  • Discover strategies for building a high-performing team
  • Learn how to use creative problem-solving techniques to find new solutions
  • Discover how to weed out slackers and deserters with smart interview tactics
  • Discover strategies for guiding employees through changes
  • Learn how to communicate clearly and effectively and avoid the minefield of mistakes new leaders usually make

Building & Leading Effective Teams

Discover how to build a motivated team and set the stage for their, and your, success.

Course Objectives

  • Discover strategies to build a motivated team
  • Learn how to guide and coach teams through the stages of team evolution
  • Effectively manage team processes, including conducting productive team meetings
  • Learn out how to manage conflict and handle resistance within the work team
  • Understand how to manage group problem-solving and decision-making processes and activities

Coaching & Counseling Skills for Managers

Learn the skills to become a successful coach and mentor and lead your team to achieve outstanding results.

Course Objectives

  • Discover the keys to leadership effectiveness
  • Learn how to coach your way to phenomenal team results
  • Understand how to take your employees’ skills to the next level through mentoring
  • Get solutions to your toughest leadership problem(s)
  • Learn to effectively lead a team using specific leadership skills

Coaching Employees to Improve Performance

Become the kind of leader who inspires better performance, improves communication and develops strong teams.

Course Objectives

  • Recognize the unique thinking styles represented on a team and how to provide feedback that is understood and appropriate to each
  • Discover how to give clear directions and effectively delegate
  • Learn how to use active listening techniques to hear what employees are communicating
  • Discover strategies for responding to and managing unsatisfactory employee behavior
  • Learn to reduce time-wasters and energy drainers that discourage team productivity

Dealing with Attitude Problems in the Workplace

Learn how to put an end to the time-wasting frustration and the stress of dealing with employees with bad attitudes.

Course Objectives

  • Learn how to confront employees about attitude problems and reverse negative attitudes
  • Understand how to give constructive feedback that positively affects performance
  • Discover how to head off common areas of conflict
  • Learn how to find win-win solutions – fast
  • Understand giving verbal or written warnings that get results

Dealing with Challenging Employees

Gain new insight and strategies for effectively dealing with challenging employees.

Course Objectives

  • Understand how important it is to manage yourself
  • Learn how to identify the root of performance problems
  • Understand the effects of negative employees on your work environment
  • Discourage “weeds” from invading your departmental garden
  • Discover the gift of constructive criticism
  • Perpetuate problem-solving attitudes

Documenting Discipline & Performance

Develop and practice the basic skills necessary for successfully adminstering disciplinary action and performance documentation.

Course Objectives

  • Recognize common discipline problems and causes
  • Identify the need for disciplinary action
  • Define necessary elements for effective documentation
  • Understand the importance of consistency and follow up
  • Avoid claims of bias or discrimination from disciplinary and employment actions

Effective Performance Reviews

Learn best practices for assessing performance, preparing employees for review, giving effective feedback and why it’s vital to document performance immediately.

Course Objectives

  • Understand the responsibilities of those involved in the performance review process
  • Learn to distinguish between standards and goals
  • Understand the value of interim informal reviews to the formal review process
  • Discover communication techniques that will encourage positive discussion
  • Understand how to document employee performance succinctly and effectively
  • Learn how to identify common performance review errors

Employment Law for Supervisors & Managers

Become familiar with the laws protecting employees both in and out of the courtroom and discover which laws employees are turning to for legal protection.

Course Objectives

  • Learn how to safeguard your company when many civil lawsuits are employment-related
  • Discover the number one mistake many make regarding wrongful terminations
  • Learn the steps you can take to reduce the risk of lawsuits from disgruntled employees
  • Get updated on newest battleground between employees and employers regarding privacy rights

Essentials of Effective Employee Discipline

Learn how to fairly and legally handle serious employee behavior and performance issues.

Course Objectives

  • Identify the elements of a good disciplinary action process
  • Learn how to effectively prepare and deliver disciplinary actions
  • Discover best practices for conducting an effective conversation
  • Understand the potential legal ramifications surrounding discipline and termination
  • Learn how to use constructive language and listening skills during discipline and termination meetings

Essential Time Management & Organization Skills

Learn real-world time management and organization strategies proven to work.

Course Objectives

  • Increase effectiveness through time management and organizational skills
  • Create a personal time management and organization plan
  • Discover how to end time traps that slow progress
  • Learn to prioritize tasks to aid in productivity
  • Learn how to measure how time is spent and gauge its effectiveness
  • Learn to manage interruptions and handle disruptions

Fundamentals of Supervision

Discover how to be an effective leader in a changing workplace by developing critical interpersonal skills.

Course Objectives

  • Understand the basic components of effective supervision
  • Learn how to build the practices necessary for effective daily interactions
  • Discover how to utilize the diversity of the organization
  • Learn conflict resolution and negotiation skills to resolve the challenges of supervision
  • Discover how to measure results based upon performance criteria

How to Survive & Thrive in Workplace Politics

Develop an understanding of what workplace politics are, how to use them and how to develop political relationships.

Course Objectives

  • Understand the definition of politics as it applies to the workplace
  • Identify personal and interpersonal behavior style and how to intuit the style of coworkers
  • Discover a simple script to help deliver difficult messages effectively
  • Learn how to maximize relationships to mutually beneficial ends
  • Learn how to overcome negative politics and control any resulting damage

Improving Employee Accountability

Discover the techniques necessary to improve accountability and become a better, stronger, and more effective manager right away, without turning you into the bad-guy.

Course Objectives

  • Learn how to clearly set and communicate job responsibilities and employee performance and behavior expectations
  • Identify and set clear limits with employees resulting in higher standards of behavior and employee acceptance of accountability for their actions
  • Learn to support employee performance by providing feedback that leads to greater staff accountability and improved overall job performance
  • Learn how to foster accountability, raise levels of productivity, and eliminate blame
  • Discover strategies for overcoming resistance and achieving greater levels of buy-in

Interviewing 101

Learn how to ask the right questions and select the best candidate for the job… 100% legally.

Course Objectives

  • Identify unlawful interview questions
  • Learn how to efficiently screen job applicants
  • Understand legal issues regarding recruitment and hiring
  • Learn how to analyze interview answers
  • Learn how to evaluate candidates’ ability to meet job position objectives

Keys to Effective Supervision

Arm yourself with supervisory techniques, tools and strategies proven to dramatically increase your effectiveness and ensure your success.

Course Objectives

  • Discover the most common leadership mistakes made by supervisors
  • Learn how to give directions that are understood by employees
  • Discover ways to eliminate unsatisfactory employee behavior
  • Learn how to handle nagging employee attitude problems
  • Discover what really motivates today’s workers
  • Discover the top 10 morale-busting management mistakes

Leadership Skills for Managers

Learn the latest and greatest leadership strategies and practices that will more effectively inspire and motivate your team right away.

Course Objectives

  • Understand the complementary skills and characteristics of managing and leading, and implement a productive balance of the two skill sets
  • Determine your natural style of leadership and how to fully utilize it
  • Learn how to establish credibility as a leader by cultivating work relationships
  • Understand how to deal with diverse employees and the potential conflict that can arise
  • Learn to communicate as a leader through word choice, actions, and persuasive ability
  • Discover strategies for providing feedback that develops team members and leads to results and new directions

Management & Leadership Skills for First Time Supervisors

Discover the solid leadership skills and expert management solutions needed to be a stronger, more effective supervisor.

Course Objectives

  • Discover how to establish credibility and authority fast while motivating employees
  • Learn how to handle attitude problems and rule-breakers as well as curb absenteeism
  • Build communication skills and learn to manage projects, objectives, and timelines
  • Learn how to deal with difficult and nonperforming employees
  • Learn to lead your people through transition and change
  • Learn how to overcome the roadblocks and pitfalls faced by new managers

Management Skills for First-Time Leaders

Get off to a strong start as a supervisor by gaining the necessary skills to handle the many different situations you will encounter in your new position.

Course Objectives

  • Motivate others to go the extra mile by coaching for higher performance
  • Learn to handle the difficult employee and how to confront unwanted behavior
  • Find, interview, and hire good people and encourage them to get along
  • Discover why supervisors fail and how to raise you credibility in the eyes of your boss
  • Understand why people underperform and how to use non-monetary rewards that work
  • Adopt winning leadership habits and master the keys to commanding respect

Managing Change – Tools for Successful Transitions

Learn how to effectively manage during times of change.

Course Objectives

  • Identify changes that will improve leadership and create a positive culture and work environment that is open to change
  • Learn how to increase effectiveness through strategic communication
  • Understand how to gain the support and cooperation of team members
  • Understand the challenges inherent in individual and collective change efforts
  • Discover strategies needed to encourage and lead team members to become personally motivated and enthusiastic
  • Realize managing the transition is more important than managing the change

Managing Generational Differences

Learn how to effectively manage generational differences.

Course Objectives

  • Discover the multiple generations and their differences
  • Understand each group has its own needs, goals and belief system
  • Learn how to encourage harmony between generations
  • Discover how to produce the best possible results in the shortest possible time while working with a multigenerational team

Motivation in Today’s Workplace

Learn how to successfully motivate your employees for maximum achievement.

Course Objectives

  • Gain enhanced knowledge of the major theories of motivation and how to apply them
  • Discover the number one mistake managers make with unmotivated employees
  • Discover what actually motivates your employees and how to cultivate enthusiasm
  • Discover feedback techniques to coach for stronger performance
  • Increase awareness of external and internal factors that affect employee performance

Principles of Time & Project Management

Learn to take charge of your time by working smarter, not harder.

Course Objectives

  • Learn the difference between “prioritizing your schedule” and “scheduling your priorities”
  • Learn how organize your workday more efficiently by setting priorities and developing action plans to stay flexible but on track
  • Learn how to identify procrastination patterns and time wasters
  • Understand how the 80/20 rule can help you resolve priority conflicts
  • Discover the downside of traditional “to-do lists” and how to once again make them useful

Progressive Discipline – A Systematic Approach

Discover a systematic solution to disciplinary headaches: progressive discipline.

Course Objectives

  • Discover just what is progressive discipline
  • Understand the four steps involved in progressive discipline
  • See why you need to investigate the facts before you implement progressive discipline
  • Understand the importance of a thorough paper trail

Straight Talk for Unproductive & Underperforming Employees

Learn how to tactfully, fairly and legally handle employee performance problems.

Course Objectives

  • Understand when the line between positive motivation and damaging criticism is crossed
  • Find out how managers discover the root cause of employee behavior problems
  • Understand how to get employees to buy in to company policy and procedures
  • Understand the legal implications of your actions and the liability dos and don’ts
  • Learn how to develop a sense of trust among your staff and open the lines of communication

Strategies for Resolving Conflict

Learn how to resolve any type of disagreement, how to handle confrontation with confidence, and how to prevent conflict.

Course Objectives

  • Discover the benefits of using assertive communication and listening strategies
  • Master easy techniques for calmly and confidently facing confrontation head-on
  • Practice proven speaking and presentation skills that project confidence
  • Learn relaxation techniques and other strategies for keeping stress from taking a toll
  • Discover how to diagnose disagreements and get to the real heart of the matter

Stress Management

Gain insight on the importance of managing stress and the effects it can have on your employees and your workplace.

  • Identify sources of stress
  • Analyze workplace stress factors
  • Review symptoms of stress
  • Stress management techniques
  • Cost of stress in the workplace
  • Common stress management mistakes
  • What to do to reduce stress in using time (wisely)

Succession Planning

Discover why companies and their leaders who care about the future are incorporating succession planning into their professional goals.

  • Discover trends in the industry or marketplace
  • Develop plans to better prepare for opportunities and/or problems
  • Understand the organization’s strengths and weaknesses as compared with competitors
  • Learn how to establish and improve your competitive advantage
  • Learn how to develop an effective succession planning structure within the organization
  • Understand the various methods of training used for employee development

The Courage to Lead

Discover the steps to take to lead your employees to a renewed sense of responsibility and pride in their work and workplace.

  • Define leadership and assess your own leadership style
  • Use key coaching steps to improve employee performance
  • Increase employee accountability for results
  • Discover strategies to align subordinate behaviors with workplace goals

Safety & OSHA Compliance

Basics of Accident Prevention & OSHA Compliance

Develop a basic understanding of accident prevention and OSHA compliance by mastering the legal ins and outs of safety compliance, understanding your rights and responsibilities as an employer and involving your workers in the accident prevention process.

  • Discover the top 5 most-cited violations by OSHA inspectors and the ‘gray areas’ in the regulations that can trip up even the most safety conscious manager
  • Discover strategies for documenting work-related accidents, injuries and illnesses
  • Learn how to make your workers proactive instead of reactive when it comes to safety
  • Learn how to instantly put a stop to willful violations and sloppy work habits
  • Discover if you can fire workers for safety violations

OSHA Compliance & Workplace Safety

Get the critical training necessary for remaining fully compliant with OSHA’s complex and ever-changing rules and regulations.

  • Discover ways to reduce common workplace accidents and eliminate enormous accident-associated costs
  • Receive an update on the latest changes in OSHA regulations
  • Discover how to meet OSHA’s rigorous record-keeping requirements
  • Learn about proactive safety-audit tools designed to open your eyes to major hazards before someone is hurt
  • Find out how to bring written programs and training sessions up to OSHA standards

OSHA Compliance Workshop

Receive the “need-to-know” information critical to busy safety professionals who are new to their responsibilities.

  • Learn the basics of OSHA compliance, including new regulations and recordkeeping requirements
  • Learn how to identify common workplace hazards and prevent workplace accidents
  • Discover the top 10 most common OSHA citations and how to avoid them
  • Learn how to red flag potential workplace violence before it explodes
  • Learn how to handle OSHA inspections and audits like a pro

Worksite Safety Assessments – Beyond the Basics

Learn what it takes to remain in compliance with OSHA regulations to avoid potential fines and penalties at your workplace.

  • Discover what OSHA’s record keeping requirements are
  • Learn what employee notices are required by OSHA
  • Discover safety and health programs that will help ensure your worksite safety
  • Learn the importance of quarterly inspections and best practices for them