MCDA CCG has years of experience placing employees for top companies by using advanced techniques that look beyond a traditional resume. We have access to top talent and are experienced in vetting candidates and preparing them for the position. Our experts recognize what is crucial for the roles you need filled and are well versed in approaching candidates who might be the right fit for your organization. This has proven beneficial to our clients because our team has experience across a range of industries and understands the desired skills associated with accounting, and finance.
Competitive Pricing

Pricing is one of the most critical components when it comes to picking a placement agency. We have developed a strategic and flexible pricing model that makes us very competitive when you allow us to work on your search needs exclusively. MCDA CCG will find the right person for the job at a fair price while delivering high-touch, high-value service.



MCDA CCG works collaboratively with your business to accurately identify what’s needed to fill your open positions. As experts in a wide range of industries, we will work with you to create a job description that best suits your business and your accounting needs. These conversations help identify candidates that will fit with your business culture and who are likely to succeed within your organization.




Trusted Advisors


We Get The Job Done

Finding the right candidate can in some cases take months, and the administrative details that come along with the hiring process can be overwhelming. MCDA CCG handles all the heavy lifting quickly as we draw on our professional network, industry knowledge, and internal research to identify the right candidates. Our team takes care of everything from vetting and sourcing to background checks.

We assign each of our clients a Recruiting Specialist who are operationally focused on delivering timely updates and will serve as your primary point of contact throughout the entire process.

Acquisition Strategy

Doing It Right
The First Time

Our talent and skills acquisition strategy effectively evaluates a candidate’s experience, skills, and personality by running them through an advanced series of checkpoints. Unlike many of our competitors, these checkpoints include competency interviews and culture assessments before their resume ends up on your desk to ensure we are only sending qualified candidates your way.

Flexible Engagements

You Are In

MCDA CCG is dedicated to only delivering top level talent to our clients. Our flexible engagements keep the client in control of the hiring process. We’ve put a contingency agreement in place that is based entirely on performance. If we aren’t finding the perfect fit for your company, we offer a full money back guarantee.  Our commitment doesn’t end when we place a candidate.

Success is not defined by the placement but rather by the long-term business impact employees can have. MCDA CCG is devoted to fully immersing the new hire into your business and team dynamic to get them off to their best possible start.

If the hire doesn’t work out within 30 days, we will restart the search and bring you a replacement. This guarantee period is an opportunity to assure the new hire is the right hire for your business.

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